WYC Scholarship Application Summer 2024

The program has been active since the 1960's and has produced literally thousands of sailors. Our program provides all boats and equipment for entry-level sailors through advanced sailors. 

The goal of the program is threefold:         

1) Enrich each young sailor’s life with an enduring respect and appreciation of the ocean.
2) Develop and master the skills of sailing, which can last a lifetime.
3) Utilize sailing to build confidence and sportsmanship in young athletes.

To this end, a solid foundation is built by emphasizing the development of fundamental skills, like maneuvering (tacks, jibes, safety position and landings), while simultaneously developing a continuing enjoyment of the sport. The WYC Youth Sailing Program embraces the triad modeled by US Sailing—Safety, Fun and Learning.

As kids and teens progress from novice to intermediate sailing, they will be challenged with a variety of possibilities that range from: singlehanded sailing, learning how to teach as an assistant instructor, and/or exploring other types of boats from one of our five fleets. As skills progress, many sailors begin racing in regattas hosted by Waikiki Yacht Club, before moving on to our traveling team. Finally, our Advanced Sailing Program continues the progression of both racing and teaching skills.  

The WYC Youth Sailing Program has a lot to offer, whether your sailor wants to sail for one week a year or over two hundred days a year—whether this is just a fun activity to occasionally do, or whether this is the primary chosen sport of your athlete. Sailing is a life long sport that progresses in layers. The seeds planted between the ages of 8-18 can grow in many directions, whether it is traditional voyaging, windsurfing, racing, or cruising or a combination of all of them. Along the way your sailor may choose to compete in high school or college sailing.

“As a Sailing Director here since 1985, I have often been asked, which kid is going to be the next amazing sailor and the answer is simple: I have no idea. The sport is a late-development sport so the most important aspect, early on, is that young sailors learn to really love the ocean and the sport. That is the only way they will continue to put in the time and the repetitions to become truly skilled.” Guy Fleming—Sailing Director


Guy Fleming - Background

Teaching Sailing at Waikiki Yacht Club for 34 years

Sailing Director since 1992

Head Instructor from 1988-92

Racing Coach 1987

1985-6 Taught Beginning Sailing

Sailed for the University of Hawaii 1985-1989

U.S. Sailing Master Instructor Trainer for Level 1,2, and 3

U.S. Sailing Level 4 Coach

U.S. Sailing National Faculty Member since 1993

U.S. Sailing Certified Regional Judge and Race Officer

University of Hawaii Assistant Coach from 1987 until my son was born in 2004

WYC Youth Sailing

WYC Youth Sailing The Waikiki Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program began in the 1960's

Roughly 200 kids take part in the program each year. There are many different parts to the program and some sailors may be involved in several aspects at any given time: Fall and Spring Saturday Program; Summer Week or Two week Camps; High School Sailing with the Interscholastic League of Honolulu; Intermediate Sailing; Advanced Racing Program; Assistant Instructor Program; Certified Instructor Program; Level 2 Instructor Certification; Level 3 Coach Certification

200 kids per year take part in the Fall or Spring Saturday Learn. To Sail Program or one of the 8 Summer sessions that range from one to two weeks long.

84 Kids representing 7 schools, compete in High School Sailing during the Spring

50 Kids take part in the one day Bring A Friend Day Exploratory Sailing program--Many of the sailors that try sailing for the first time, go on to take additional sailing.

40 Kids Build on their introductory skills in our Intermediate Sailing Program which seeks to get them sailing singlehandedly, and introduces them to other types of boats.

20 Kids Take part in our Advanced Racing Program--These kids participate in roughly 70 events per year. The top kids are also competing in National and International events.

12 Kids are selected to be a part of our Assistant Instructor Program. They are sailing with new kids and learning how to make them feel comfortable and confident by providing constructive and concise feedback.

2-3 Sixteen to Eighteen year old advanced sailors will take the rigorous four day Us Sailing Instructor Certification program.

1-2 of the above Level 1 Instructors will follow up with the two day US Sailing Level 2 Instructor Certification

A Select few will follow up with the two day Level 3 Coach Certification. 



Fall Saturday Program of 12 weeks

Spring Saturday Program of 12 Weeks

Up to 12 weeks of Summer Sailing (Mon-Fri)

We follow the US Sailing Triad of: Safety, Fun, and Learning

Our program seeks to introduce kids to a lifetime of enjoyment in the many faceted sport of sailing; Teach respect for the ocean; and, use sailing as a platform to build confidence and sportsmanship in young athletes.



There are currently 7 schools competing as part of the Interscholastic League of Honolulu. Iolani School, Kamehameha Kapalama, Le Jardin Academy, Mid Pacific Institute, Punahou School, Sacred Hearts Academy, and Saint Andrews Priory.


Intermediate Program

• These classes pick up where novice classes lead off.

• The Intermediate program is primarily taught in single handed El Toros and Open Skiffs but they will also be introduced to other boats like the Laser and Club 420.

• The program focuses on more improved boat handling, seamanship skills, the basics of tuning the boat for optimum performance, and an introduction to racing.


Assistant Instructor Program

A select group of up to12 Advanced sailors, between the ages of 12 and 16, are invited to be a part of this program. They start off by being the competent calm person in the boat during introductory sails.

Over time, they learn how to teach an intro to rigging, take people on introductory sails, help people learn how to capsize and right the boat, teach sail trim and steering.

Without their knowledge, they are also learning patience, and how to teach people with a variety of learning styles.

This program helps prepare candidates for the rigorous US Sailing four day certification course.



Picture--This picture was selected because not only does it show how extreme it can be, but most people would assume that the sailor is male. This is a picture of one of our female sailors who is currently competing for the Yale College Sailing Team.

Taught in Olympic Lasers (Which are also used in Collegiate Competition) and Club 420's (the Olympic Development Boat for the 470--The boat introduces spinnaker and trapezing skills).

The Advanced Racing Team participates in numerous classes and clinics which prepare them for the 70 events we run each year.

The advanced class trains for the U.S. Sailing Junior Olympic Festival which is hosted in Hawaii each year. The top kids also compete in National regattas on the mainland like the U.S. Sailing Youth Championships. Waikiki Yacht Club is proud to say that two of its sailors went on to win this prestigious event.



U.S. Sailing is the National Governing Body for the sport of sailing. As part of the Olympic pathway program, U.S. Sailing annually hosts roughly 20 Junior Olympic Festivals around the country to promote grass roots competition as well as have the top athletes qualify for national competition.

Waikiki Yacht Club has co-hosted the US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival-- Hawaii since 2002.

Each year between 70 and 120 athletes compete in this five day festival.


Advanced El Toros

The Advanced El Toro Program is for sailors who have been competing for some time. The program builds on the intermediate racing program. The Advsnced El Toro Sailors have typically been sailing for 3-7 years and have progressed from El Toro C4, C3 and C2, which race in the smaller training sail. They are now competing in El Toro C, B and A which uses the larger racing sail.

Typically at this level, their boat handling is already very good and they are working on their ability to start, as well as predict wind shifts and use tactics and the rules to get around the course.



The 420 is the trainer for one of the Olympic double handed classes. It is 4.2 meters and helps to prepare Youth sailors for the larger 470. Both boats have the ability to train with spinnaker as well as trapeze.

Sailors in the 420 have typically already moved up to the advanced El Toro class.

420's can also be sailed college style without the trapeze or spinnaker. Many of our top sailors have used these skills to get into the college of their choice.



The Laser is an Olympic Class Single Handed Dinghy that is also used in high school and college racing. Sailors typically begin racing in the smaller 4.7 meter sail and then move up through the radial sail and ultimately to the Full Rig sail. Sailors come out of the Advanced El Toro program and move up when they are large enough and strong enough for the boat.



The Glide Free company has made a foiling kit for Lasers. A foil is a horizontal panel that lifts the boat out of the water. Foiling puts a premium on weight placement, timing, coordination of sail and tiller controls and balance. All of these skills are essential for successful sailing. The Waikiki Yacht Club Education Foundation has purchased two Foiling kits for the continuing education of our top end racers.

The Future


Waikiki Yacht Club Education Foundation

Waikiki Yacht Club Education Foundation (WYCEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization set up to fund capital purchases for youth sailing. Education Foundation raises money primarily through donations and the sale of donated boats. The money raised is used to purchase the sailing fleets for the program – currently 15 Toppers, 12 El Toros, 12 - 420’s, 12 Lasers, and 6 BICs (Open Skiffs) – as well as sails, and other equipment. Additionally, the WYCEF funds a scholarship program for youngsters who might otherwise not have the opportunity to learn to sail a boat without financial assistance.

Waikiki Yacht Club Education Foundation (WYCEF) Annual Giving Campaign

Every year WYCEF sends out letters asking for help to keep this successful program strong in order to nurture the next generation of sailors. Your donation will help kids learn to sail in the ocean right off Waikiki Yacht Club. Young sailors find the most perfect conditions for learning to sail here, along with a lucky chance to meet dolphins, turtles or even whales.

Any help is appreciated! Your generous gift will give our young sailors the skills to not only sail a boat but also equip them with invaluable life skills such as leadership, teamwork, self-assurance, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, and the Corinthian spirit of sportsmanship. WYCEF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), and your contributions are tax-deductible. Please scan the code below to make your contribution at our GoFundMe account. Contact us at [email protected] for any inquiry.




Introducing WYC Youth Sailing by sailors, coaches, and parents

What youth sailing has taught us from our WYC Alumni 


Learn to Sail

Fall Session Schedule:
9:00am-12:00pm          Beginning and Intermediate
12:45pm-4:00pm           Advanced
Tuesday & Thursday
4:00pm-6:30pm             Intermediate and Advanced 
Winter Sailing:
Clinics for Adv. And Int. Sailors as well as Instructor Clinics

Alumni Sailing Opportunities*

Spring Sailing;
Saturday Mornings--Novice and Intermediate 
Saturday Afternoons--Advanced Racing* 

Mon-Thurs Evenings—Interscholastic League of Honolulu                         

(ILH) High School Sailing Summer Sailing:
Classes are Mon-Fri and sessions are one to two weeks long.
Many sailors choose to progress quickly by taking multiple sessions over the course of the summer.  

Novice and Intermediate classes are in the morning and Advanced Racing* is in the afternoon.
*(Instructor's Approval Needed)
All courses are taught by US Sailing Certified Instructors, and Coaches. Guy Fleming, the Sailing Director, is one of five US Sailing Master Instructor Trainers (MIT’s) in the nation. US Sailing is the governing body for the sport of sailing. 

To obtain specific information about an upcoming season, please contact us through the front office at 808-955-4405.