There is nothing more pleasant than to be sailing in the Pacific trade winds off Oahu’s famous Diamond Head coastline. This great sailing venue is immediately accessible from the Waikiki Yacht Club, in its pristine setting in the Ala Wai Harbor.

To promote sailing, the Waikiki Yacht Club offers youth and adult sailing instruction. For information refer to the Youth Sailing Program and the Adult Sailing Program.

If you're interested in sailboat or yacht racing, you'll definitely want to check out the Regatta Section of our website. The Waikiki Yacht Club promotes yacht racing of all types, from dinghies to keeboats, with one or more hulls. Our waters are ideal for racing, with protected inshore courses, challenging coastal conditions and of course our world-famous tradewinds. Also take the opportunity to look at the Hawaii Yacht Racing Association.

Safety on the water is of paramount importance, and the Waikiki Yacht Club ocassionally hosts the Honolulu Sail and Power Squadron’s boating courses, offered to all levels of boaters. Vessel safety checks, sponsored by the Honolulu Sail and Power Squadron and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, are also offered at the club. For information, link to Boating Courses and to Vessel Safety Checks.


Race Committee

WYC's races are run by our all-volunteer Race Committee. They're the folks who you see on the little bobbing boat anchored at the right end of the start line, valiantly keeping time with the official sandglass, raising signal flags in the correct sequence and sounding the horn to alert sailors to the countdown time, all while holding on with two hands. After the races, they may be found huddled over laptop computers, entering finishing times in to the algorithm that determines the day's winner and who's buying drinks all around.

If you’re interested in helping out with race committee contact [email protected]

Regatta Chairman: John Climaldi
Principal Race Officer: John Climaldi
Photographer: Contact Carolyn Majewski [email protected]
Sean Doyle
Gary Evoniuk
Hideki Hayashi
Michael Roth
Michael Rothwell
Ian Rothwell
Jim Maynard
Steve Thomas
Megan McDonald
Andrew Mead
Philip Katzman

Be sure to say mahalo to them when you see them around our club. They are the ones who set the course, the start and finish lines, and who keep the time to deliver great racing.

Remember, for the whole duration of the race, they're also on the ‘Ilima (which translates either to the official flower of Oahu, or "little yellow boat, rolling in the waves") the club's former Pilot Boat, which now serves as Race Committee boat.


WYC Regattas

The Waikiki Yacht Club promotes yacht racing of all types, from dinghies to keeboats, and with one or more hulls. Our waters are ideal for racing, with protected inshore courses, challenging coastal conditions and of course our world-famous tradewinds. Races are held under the auspices of US Sailing and ISAF with rules amended for local conditions as applicable.


We are very fortunate to have Gary Evoniuk at the helm. He is a former RC-Sail and now serving on the Board as a Director. Gary is also in charge of the Club's Cal-20 Adult Sailing Program. With this great program, maybe it’s time for you to join the fun on the water!

Sign up for training on one of the Cub’s Cal 20's. Gary is happy to work with you to provide a custom program or a single lesson to get your feet wet. The cost is reasonable so reach out to Gary as he can join interested parties to bring the cost down further. [email protected]

Following completion of the course and/or certification for those who already have sufficient sailing expertise, you can charter a Cal 20 for either a half-day or full-day. 

The Club’s basic sailing program is about 12 hours. It consists of four three-hour lessons on the water off Waikiki and Diamond Head. Topics covered in these classes include: seamanship, terminology, knot-tying, rules of the road, navigation, and boat maintenance.

Friday Night "Beer Can" Races

Along with more competitive weekend regattas, Friday night races are a time honored tradition at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Members gather around 4pm at the Club to enjoy the "Beer Can" race out of the Ala Wai Harbor, racing to either Diamond Head Buoy or a mark off of Honolulu Harbor.  

We are updating our "crew finder" page so check back here soon for sailors looking to connect with captains who may be looking for crew. 

The best way to get involved with sailboat racing is to look into the possibility of joining a yacht or sailing club. Many crews are recruited from members who get to know each other through club activities. Membership information for WYC is available by calling the Club's central number: 808 955-4405.

Club Trophies

US Sailing 
Sportsmanship Award
A US Sailing perpetual plaque located in the Board Room

 One of the smallest trophies in our Club has the greatest accomplishment attached to it, The US Sailing Waikiki Yacht Club Sportsmanship Trophy.  Previously know as the United States Yacht Racing Union, the winner is selected by the Rear Commodore for Sail and the Commodore each year to honor the Waikiki Yacht Club’s member who showed the most sportsmanship that year. 

The winner is announced at the Club’s annual sailing banquet to the sailor, regardless of age or sex, who has best exemplified fine sportsmanship at our Club during the past year.  Their contribution may be a single exemplary act or it may have been a gradual, through consistent example on as well as off the water, through instruction and encouragement of others, or anything else that best exemplifies the finest traditions of our sport.

2011                           Todd Wyrick
2010                           Michael Roth
2009                           Mike Rothwell
2008                           Ted Miller
2007                           Mike Welsch
2006                           Andrew Lewis
2005                           Steve Thomas
2004                           Andrew Lewis
2003                           Guy Fleming
2002                           Philippe Kahn
2001                           Andrew Lewis
2000                           Phil Drips
1999                           Ivan Chan Wa
1998                           Daniel Grounds
1997                           Dan Doyle
1996                           Kevin Meechan
1995                           Steve Thomas
1994                           Doug Taylor
1993                           Ken Morrison
1992                           Sam Kerner
1991                           James “Fuzz” Foster
1990                           Kevin Meechan
1989                           Charlie Dole
1988                           John B. Kelley

H.H. (Rudy) Buchanan Trophy

Member of the Year

By Mike Simpson

This trophy is a memorial trophy and as such it meant to honor the memory of S/C Buchanan as well as honoring those to whom it has been awarded.  Rudy had suffered a major stroke that affected his speech and left him partially paralyzed.  Nevertheless he continued to take his boat out for Race committee and served as Commodore in 1976.  When Rudy passed away in 1978 his widow Jeannie and many of the crew members wanted to honor his memory in some way.  The first thought was for a trophy to be awarded to the winner of the Pokai Bay race which was one of Rudy's favorites.  However it was recognized that over time particular races fall out of favor to be replaced by others.  So it was decided to recognize someone from the small but essential group of members who can always be counted on to help us function as a club by volunteering their time and talents.  These people neither seek nor receive much recognition.  Yet it is thru their efforts that the Club takes on life and is able to function as a club rather just another commercial establishment.


Deed of Gift

The Buchanan Trophy may be awarded to an individual who over a period of years has consistently given freely of their time and talents to the Club on a continuing basis. They have done this without expectation of recognition or reward. Their efforts make it possible to carry out the mission of the Club. This award is given to honor the recipient and to express appreciation for all they have given over the years.

This award is made annually. No person is to receive this award more than one time. In the event that no one qualifies it may be skipped for the year. The selection is to be made by a committee named by the Commodore.


The names of the donors are to found on one side of the trophy. The others side contains the names of the recipients. 

1981     NANCY SHAW
1983     EMILY BUDAR
1990    PHIL DRIPS
1996    IVAN CHAN WA
2013    KAREN O'NEIL

Sailing Trophies

1976 Montréal Summer Olympic Sailing
 Two Olympic Silver Medals 

One of the highlights of our trophy collection are the Two silver Olympic medals displayed with ceremonial chain necklace and mounted in a glass presentation frame.

Members David McFaull with crew Michael Rothwell became Hawaii’s first Olympic sailing medalists when they won silver medals at the 1976 Montréal Summer Olympic Games in the Tornado Class Catamarans. The sailing venue was Kingston Ontario. The WYC team scored 36 total points. Gold went to United Kingdom with Reg White and John Osborn with 18 points. Bronze went to West Germany with Jörg Spenger and Jörg Schmall with 37.7 points. 

They sailed McFaull’s boat Zomby Woof and raced seven times in nine days, with one 22-mile race daily. 

The medals culminated years of strenuous training for both men. McFaull, a Punahou graduate, learned to sail at the Waikiki Yacht Club. He gained intercollegiate sailing experience at Cornell, then returned home and worked as a disc jockey at KUMU Radio while training for the Olympics.  

Rothwell had just finished High School and was working at the Territorial Tavern where he put up WYC Tornado Worlds posters. Mike then went to work for member Bob Hall at his airfreight company and Bob gave him the time off needed to prepare and compete. The team would go out after work a few days a week and tack and gybe every 15 seconds for an hour each day to make the mechanics a second nature. “Dave was adamant that Mike hike on his tiptoes.” If he did not they did it again until Mike was as far out on the trap as is humanly possible.

The team placed 3rd in the 1974 Worlds at the Waikiki Yacht Club, then 12th at the 1975 worlds in Australia. They won the US Sailing trials in 1976 at Watertown NY. They sailed their brand new Tornado from Watertown NY to Kingston Ontario where they were stopped, detained and finally let in. (This was just after the Munich Olympics where security was at its highest level.)

 Dave McFaull Memorial Regatta Trophy
The glass sailboat on the marble base in our trophy case is the McFaull Memorial Trophy. Then R/C Sail Jon Stanley coordinated the donation of the trophy to honor and remember David Mcfaull after his death in 1997. David with crew Mike Rothwell became Hawaii’s first Olympic sailing medalists when they won silver medals at the 1976 Montréal Olympic Games. They sailed McFaull’s boat Zomby Woof in the Tornado Class and raced seven times in nine days, with one 22-mile race daily. The medals culminated years of strenuous training for both men. McFaull, a Punahou graduate, learned to sail at the Waikiki Yacht Club. He gained intercollegiate sailing experience at Cornell, then returned home and worked as a disc jockey at KUMU Radio while training for the Olympics. Great Britain won the gold and West Germany won the Bronze. The two Silver Olympic medals are also on display in our trophy cases. The Cal 20 Class Boat Regatta was renamed the McFaull Memorial Regatta in 1998.
David was also a US Sailing certified Judge. It is raced for each year as part of the Waikiki Yacht Club Beach Fleet and Class Boat regatta.
2012 Sonoma 30    The Shark              Dan Weyant
2011 M24               Taboo                    Art Musso
2010 M24               Maka Ala               Isaac Gillette
2009 M24               Taboo                    Art Musso
2008 M24              Asylum                 Mike Rothwell  
2007 Sydney 41     Boomerang           John Spadaro
2006 M24              Asylum                 Michael Rothwell
2005 M24              Asylum                 Michael Rothwell
2004 M24              Asylum                 Michael Rothwell
2003 M24              Asylum                 Michael Rothwell
2002 J24                Cash Flow            Bob Ale
2002 M24              Usual Suspects      Art Musso
2001 M24              No Name              Jesse Andrews
2001 J24               Actuation               Dan Doyle 
2000                                No Record           
1999                      Race Abandoned  Gale Force Winds
1998 J24                Cash Flow            Bob Ale
1998 Sol                Valkyrie                Stanley/Thomas
1998 R19               Wet hens              Verna Morgan
1997 J24                Spine Care            Ken Kaan
1997 Soling           Eleluwaapalani      Phil Roach
1997 C20               Hot Flash              Susan Jacqulin     

If you have any information on the earlier winner of the Cal 20 regatta please contact me at [email protected]     S/C Michael Roth 

 DJ Johnson 3-Day Around Oahu Perpetual Trophy

When you enter the Club between the two trophy cases, at the end on your right is a beautiful half model of S/C Don “DJ” Johnson’s 60 foot Lidgard Final Approach. DJ as he was known had a major heart attack on 13 July 1983, which ended his flying career. Rather than just sit around he decided to build Final Approach and sail the world. He had to interrupt this circumnavigation for a Heart Bypass operation, but once recovered he continued on.

The final leg of his voyage was the 1995 Transpac race where he stacked the crew with WYC members Michael Rothwell, Les & Bruce Vasconcellos, Jim Maynard, and Bruce Burgess for the climax of an epic voyage. DJ made his mark on Yacht Clubs around the world and some to this day still tell stories about his visit. I heard a story about him at Campagnia Della Vela, the Yacht Club in Venice Italy when I visited there in 1995. 

On DJ’s death in June 2000 S/C Mike Welsh proposed renaming the 3-Day Around Oahu Memorial Day race in honor of S/C DJ Johnson. The Board approved the change. Lynn Brown donated the Final Approach half model to the Club in late 2000. Don Clothier on his Lidgard 50’ Tower won the first DJ Johnson regatta. Few will ever forget DJ’s "Viking Funeral" in July of 2000. His ashes were placed aboard a replica of a Viking boat and set afire as it sailed off. 

Each Memorial Day the Waikiki Yacht Club runs the DJ Johnson 3- Day Around Oahu regatta. Day one is from Waikiki to Kaneohe. Day two is Kaneohe to Kaena point. Day three is Ko’Olina to Waikiki. The winner of the three races combined in ORR or PHRF is the overall winner of the Memorial Day regatta. PHRF was used up to 2001 and returned in 2010. Some of the past winners are missing from our files. If you any have information about this trophy please contact me at 595-4124.

                                        2012                Ikaika                          Tony Miller
2011                Ikaika                          Tony Miller
2010                Heartbeat                    James McDowell
2009                Heartbeat                    James McDowell
2008                Boomerang                 John Spadaro
2007                Ho’Okipa                   Mike Rothwell
2006                Ho’Okipa                   Mike Rothwell
2005                Fins                            Todd & Cindy Wyrick
2004                Boomerang                 John Spadaro
2003                Noa                             Geoff Borne
2002                Tiare                           James McDowell
2001                Tower                         Don Clothier
2000                Desperado                   Skip Winterbottom
1999                Desperado                   Skip Winterbottom
1998                20/20                           Tony Miller
1997                Urban Renewal           Les Vasconcellos
1996                20/20                           Tony Miller
1995                20/20                           Tony Miller
1994                Medicine Man              Jeff Hill / Mike Rothwell
1991                Kaimiloa                      Dave Nottage
Etchells Perpetual Half Model Trophy WYC Season Points
Donated in 2008 by Etchells Fleet 29 to the Waikiki Yacht Club to be raced for Etchells season’s points each year. 

This trophy is awarded to the Etchells Class boat that has the best scores counting the five Beach Fleet and Class Boat regattas in a year. Scores follow the skipper, not the boat. Open to members of Etchells Fleet 29 Waikiki that are members of the Waikiki Yacht Club. This trophy is awarded annually.

2009                Honolulu         Michael Roth
2008                Edgeless          Dan Doyle
2007                Edgeless          Dan Doyle
2006                 Pegasus          Philippe Kahn

 John B. Kelley Perpetual Trophy

WYC Ocean Series Season Points
Donated by

Kathy Merrill Kelley, Rob Kelley, Lauren Kelley

September 2006

Deed of Gift: This trophy is dedicated to the memory of long time member, sailboat racer and Waikiki Yacht Club Education Foundation Director, John B. Kelley. The trophy will document and honor the WYC boat and skipper that win the WYC Season Points for the Ocean Regatta Season in the current grand prix handicapping system.

The Trophy: Fully rigged model ship of the 1901 America’s Cup defender Columbia. This model lived in Mr. Kelley’s office for many years and is symbolic of his commitment to excellence in sailing.

2011            Heartbeat                James McDowell
2010            Heartbeat                James McDowell
2009            Fins                         Todd & Cindy Wyrick
2008            Fins                         Todd & Cindy Wyrick
2007            Fins                         Todd & Cindy Wyrick
2006            Fins                         Todd & Cindy Wyrick

 Phil Drips Day Regatta Perpetual Trophy
In 2005 Commodore Todd Wyrick and R/C Sail Michael Roth started the Phil Drips Regatta. The first regatta had three races with the last finishing off E dock where Phil sounded the finish horn from his wheelchair. All entry funds went to pay Phil’s bill at the Club. 
The trophy was originally presented to Phil Drips for excellence in race management. Rear Commodore for Sail Richard Lewis, Regatta Chair Ted Miller and race committee member Jack Peters rededicated the trophy in December 2009 to be the Phil Drips Regatta Perpetual Trophy.

For nearly three decades, being an involved member of the Waikiki Yacht Club --or any part of Hawaii's yachting community for that matter --and knowing Phil Drips went hand in hand. There was no way one could be done without the other. He was an institution, and as much a part of the WYC clubhouse as the furniture where he would often seek comfort and rejuvenation.

After his discharge from the Navy, and while still in Japan, Phil became involved with the Power Squadron there and became an instructor and eventually its commodore. He was known as "Papa Laser" after the class boats he raced there.  From Japan, Phil moved to the island of Guam where he won a gold medal in sailing at the 1975 South Pacific Games in men’s lasers, visited Hawaii twice to compete in the Hobie 14 and 16 World Championships, and flew to Bermuda to take part in the Laser Worlds.

Phil became a resident of Hawaii in 1976 and his life continued to revolve around boating. He established Kilgo Hardware's first marine department and then went into boat sales for Yacht Sales Hawaii, before creating his own company, Harbor Yacht Sales. At the same time he continued to maintain his involvement with the Power Squadron, again as an instructor and its commodore. At the 2005 WYC awards banquet Phil was named "Principal Race Officer Emeritus" for his contribution to yacht racing in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Yacht Racing Association honored Phil in 2003 by naming him Yachtsman of the Year for his unflagging involvement in race management that spanned 25 years, and involved regattas ranging from the Pan Am Clipper Cup and Kenwood Cup Series of the 1980s and 1990’s to uncounted state sailing championships and interclub regattas.  Phil also was presented an award from the Coast Guard Auxiliary for rescuing swimmers from the Hawaii Rough Water Swim held on September 2nd, 2004.
2012                The Shark                                          Dan Weyant
2011                Ikaika                                                 Tony Miller
2010                             No Race
2009                Honolulu                    Etchells           Michael Roth
2008                Asylum                       Melges 24       Michael Rothwell
2007                3 Guys on the Edge    1D 35             Dan Doyle
2006                Asylum                       Melges 24       Michael Rothwell      
2005                Asylum                       Melges 24       Michael Rothwell

Sponsored by Kamehameha Garment Company and donated by the owner and WYC member Brad Walker. The trophies are to be sail for offshore in honor of King Kamehameha each spring at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Rededicated to AmeriCap A, HPHRF C and AmeriCap B in 2005 by Commodore Todd Wyrick.

                                    PHRF 1                       PHRF 2                       PHRF C          ORR
2011                            Fins    
2010                            CaZan                         Demasiada                                           CaZan
2009                            Boomerang                                                                               Fins
2008                            Gerontius                                                                                  Gerontius
2007                            Boomerang                                                                               Ho’Okipa
2006                            Fins                              Socorro                                                Fins
2005                            Flash Gordon              High Tension
2002                            Boomerang                 Ragtop                        Bon Temps
2001                            Ho’Okipa                    Hagar                          Bon Temps
1999                            Desperado                  Bottle Rocket              Mana O Ke Kai
1998                            Puff                             Stinger                         Mana O Ke Kai
1997                            Urban Renewal         Boondoggle                 Tiare Blue      

 Dr. Les Vasconcellos Perpetual Trophy

International Federation of Yachting Rotarians
Perpetual Trophies (3)

S/C 1965 Dr. A. Leslie Vasconcellos started the International Federation of yachting Rotarians (IFYR) at the Waikiki Yacht Club. This regatta was dedicated to him after his death in 1993. It is to be sailed offshore and have a class for Rotarian, cruisers and race boats. The regatta has three perpetual trophies at the club. The Joe Phillips PH Cruising trophy is awarded to the top cruising boat each year. Dr. Vasconcellos’s son to honor his father created the IFYR Artwork trophy. It is awarded to the top Rotarian boat each year. The Joe Phillips Race boat trophy is for the overall winner using the current grand prix handicapping method. 

Past Winners;
Year      Rotarian      Cruising               PH 1              ORR A             PH 2
2011      Lei Aloha    Lei Aloha            Fins                                      Demasiada
2010      Lei Aloha    Urban Renewal   Heartbeat       Heartbeat        Shark            
2009                          Urban Renewal   Boomerang    Boomerang
2008      Mana O Ke Kai                       Gerontius      Boomerang        Addiction
2007      Lei Aloha                                Tiare              Fins                  
2006      Lei Aloha                                Boomerang    Ho’okipa           Squad Car
2005      Orion                                       Boomerang    Boomerang        Squad Car
2002                              Bon Temps                                                        Squad Car
Hawaii Laser Association District 26 Championships
 By Guy Fleming

This event has the distinction of being a local regatta which is also a qualifier for a national event − The US Sailing Singlehanded National Championships for the ODay Trophy. Currently the top full rig sailor, and for the last two years, the top female radial sailor, qualify to represent Hawaii at this fantastic event. The event has been going on for a long time but we have race results back to 1991. John Myrdal was the most dominant sailor at the time of the trophies purchase so the boat colors were the colors of his boat at the time…red and white. In 1994 John went on to win the ODay Championship. Since then we have had many strong Hawaii performances in the event. The Laser District Trophy is awarded to the top sailor in A fleet and the top sailor in B fleet. These are skill-based fleets. The winners are as follows:
Year              A Fleet                   B Fleet
1991              John Myrdal         Cameron Murray
1992              John Myrdal         Pierson Jacquelin
1993              John Myrdal         Justin Daniels
1994              John Myrdal         Keawe Thurston
1995              Jamie Boyden       Paul Kaseburg
1996              Christian Taubman Andrew Lewis 
1997              John Myrdal         Ethan Creps
1998              Andrew Lewis       Daniel Boatman 
1999              Andrew Lewis       Michael Cervantes
2000              Andrew Lewis       Michael Scott
2001              Andrew Lewis       Michael Scott 
2002              Andrew Lewis       Chris Hossellman
2003              Andrew Lewis       Roscoe Fowler 
2004              Drew Robb            Sean Doyle 
2005              Jesse Andrews       Justin Doyle 
2006              Steve Hochart       Alex Hossellman 
2007              Guy Fleming         Jenn Proctor 
2008              Guy Fleming         Fizz Foster
2009              Guy Fleming         Laura Hughes
2010              Lance Miller          Rinchen Harrison
2011              Lance Miller          Lindsey Andrad

The Hawaiian Star Fleet Perpetual
by Guy Fleming

The Hawaiian Star Fleet Perpetual is one of several trophies that was raced for prior to World War II and was then rededicated in 1989.  It is currently the State Single-handed Championship Senior Trophy.  In 2007, the Hawaii Laser Association did a bit of research and found the records all the way back to 1973 and had them engraved as well to complete the historical record.  The winners are as follows:

1973                  Larry Levin                     KYC
1974                  Rick Mogle                     HYC
1975                  Jack Bateman
1976                  Bill Leary                        KYC
1977                  Mike Waters                   PHYC
1978                  Bill Campbell       
1979                  Les Vasconcellos            WYC
1980                  Les Vasconcellos            WYC
1981                  John Higham                   KYC
1982                  Sam Kerner                     WYC
1983                  Sam Kerner                     WYC
1984                  Mark Jacobi                    WYC
1985                  Mark Jacobi                    WYC
1986                  Mark Jacobi                    WYC
1987                  John Higham                  KYC
1988                  Larry Levin                    KYC
1989                  Sam Kerner                    WYC
1990                  John Higham                  KYC
1992                  Sam Kerner                    WYC
1991                  John Myrdal                   KYC
1993                  John Myrdal                   KYC
1994                  John Myrdal                   KYC
1995                  Kea Ho                           Maui
1996                  Guy Fleming                  WYC
1997                  Guy Fleming                  WYC
1998                  John Myrdal                   KYC
1999                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2000                  Andrew Lewis               WYC
2001                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2002                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2003                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2004                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2005                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2006                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2007                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2008                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2009                  John Myrdal                   KYC
2010                  Lance Miller                  WYC

HLA Master Trophy 

The Phil Drips Trophy
 By Guy Fleming 

The Phil Drips Trophy was put together in 2008. Many Laser sailors remember Phil for his work as Race Committee chair for the majority of Laser regattas on the town side. Most people do not realize that he had also competed in Lasers at many of the early world championships. He was also a competitor in the over-50 division of the Laser States. The early results for this trophy have been traced back to the over-50 group. Since then, the Laser Class International has created age group racing for Masters racing: Apprentice 35-44; Master 45-54; Grand Master 55-64; Great Grand Master 65-74. The Phil Drips Trophy was put together as a way of thanking him for years of dedication
both as a competitor and as a Race Committee chair. Currently, the Masters fleet division of the Laser State championships gets between 8 and 12 competitors each year.

2006 GM: John Higham,       M: Mark Denzer,        A: John Myrdal
2007 GM: John Higham,       M: Mark Denzer,        A: John Myrdal
2008 GM: John Higham,       M: Mark Denzer,        A: John Myrdal
2009 GM: John Higham,       M: Seamus Murphy    A: John Myrdal
2010 GM: Mark Denzer,       M: Charlie Buckingham,  A: Guy Fleming
2011 GM: John Higham,       M: Charlie Buckingham,  A: John Myrdal 

 Hawaii Laser Association Season’s Points 

Laser Division A, B & C.
By Guy Fleming

There are three related trophies that are raced for in the Hawaii Laser Association Season’s points. All three are for the best 5 of 9 events which include 4 events in town, 4 in Kaneohe and 1 in Pearl Harbor. 

The WYC Lewers and Cooke Trophy Summer Regatta for the 210 fleet was raced for between 1959 and 71, In 1991 it was rededicated as the Laser A perpetual. 

The Honolulu Advertiser Spring Regatta for the 210 fleet was raced for between 1959 and 72 and was rededicated in 1991 as the Laser B perpetual. 

Finally, the WYC Maritime Day Perpetual was raced for between 1963 and 75 and was rededicated as the Laser C perpetual in 2001. 

Year     Laser A                        Laser B                      Laser C
2000    Andrew Lewis           Michael Scott                              --
2001    Andrew Lewis           Michael Scott                   Tina Pryne
2002    Andrew Lewis           Chris Hossellman             Sean Doyle
2003    Guy Fleming              Martin Sterling                 Sean Doyle
2004    Drew Robb                Martin Sterling                 Justin Doyle
2005    Jesse Andrews           Alex Hossellman              Jenn Proctor
2006    Drew Robb                Justin Doyle                     Rinchen Harrison
2007    Guy Fleming              Morgan Merrill                Ian Marshall
2008    Guy Fleming              Morgan Merrill                Dylan Ale
2009    Guy Fleming              Dylan Ale                        Grant Christopher
2010    Guy Fleming              Laura Hughes                  Evan Twigg-Smith
2011    Guy Fleming              Grant Christopher            Dylan Dimarchi

Waikiki Yacht Club

By Guy Fleming

This trophy features a half hull of a Laser. The hull is orange and the sail number is John Higham’s a long time sailor in the fleet. John is still competing in Lasers in his 60’s and doing quite well. He finished second place in a race in the Laser States this year. The points are calculated for the best three of four WYC Laser events: Opening Day, the Laser Districts (also a qualifier for the US Singlehanded Nationals), the Duke Kahanamoku, and Laser #9. The trophy is engraved each year with the top finisher in both the Laser A and the Laser B fleet. 

       Laser A                  Laser B
1989   Cole Slater              Zac Austin
1990   John Myrdal              Zac Austin
1991   John Myrdal              Roger Arnemann
1992   Guy Fleming              Pierson Jacquelin
1993   Guy Fleming              Ken Haig
1994   Guy Fleming              Keawe Thurston
1995   Guy Fleming              Michael Lang
1996   Guy Fleming              John Sharkey
1997   Guy Fleming              Ethan Creps
1998   Andrew Lewis             John Sharkey
1999   John Myrdal              Michael Cervantes
2000   Andrew Lewis             Michael Scott
2001   Andrew Lewis             Michael Scott
2002   Andrew Lewis             Chris Hossellman
2003   Andrew Lewis             Martin Sterling
2004   Drew Robb                Martin Sterling
2005   Jesse Andrews            Alex Hossellman
2006   Guy Fleming              Justin Doyle
2007   Guy Fleming              Morgan Merrill
2008   Guy Fleming              Morgan Merrill
2009   Morgan Merrill           Dylan Ale
2010   Dylan Ale                Ian Marshall
2011   Lance Miller             Grant Christopher

The Booby Bird Trophy

 30 Nov. 1941.

         This trophy is presented to commemorate and perpetuate for posterity those deeds of the Skippers of the Waikiki Star Fleet that are so remarkable in that, they should never have been done. It is that action or lack of action at the critical moment that would at once relegate that Skipper to the well known “Dog House” if he were at home. It is desired that this perpetual trophy be administered to the culprits under the following rules:
         1.      To be presented to that Skipper who, by popular acclaim of the Fleet, has pulled a “dumb one.”
         2.      That the offense be set out in detail in this log with such embellishments as to make the offender well aware of his offense.
         3.      That this trophy remain in said offender’s possession until some new culprit is uncovered.
         4.      That each offender record in this log his defense whether or not he has one and whether or not any one believes him.
         5.      That the offending yacht, while the skipper is the custodian of the “Booby Bird Trophy,” fly a suitable pennant of red bunting 4” ´ 4” from his starboard spreader, said red bunting not to flow free but gathered in a bunch like some grimy old dish cloth.
                                    Signed: Homer Ferguson

4 Nov 1941
         To: Skipper John Childs.

         This trophy is presented to the accused as a result of the withdrawal from the Race of Sunday Nov 2 after making an official start. It is common knowledge that all true Yachtsmen make every endeavor to finish races they have started regardless of circumstances. It is felt that the mere breaking of a mast at the first spreader is no excuse as it was plainly visible to the Fleet that he had a good twelve feet of mast left.
                                             Homer Ferguson

Nov 9, 1941
         So what! So I got a pretty Birdie! So I always wanted a Birdie! So this is not gold! So I take exception to the charge. 12 ft of mast. Absurd! 10 ft 2 in., I measured it. So I didn’t finish. So today, Ferguson and Thompson don’t start! Ferguson had half an excuse, his batten pocket, you know, but Thompson got good scare and cold feet. So last week they give me the bird, so today I give Thompson the bird, amen and aloha.
                                             J.F. Child Jr.

November 1944
         It’s been a long time since any real boners have been made but that’s just because of the war. As agent for Bill Thompson, rightful possessor of this trophy, I have as my duty to pass it on with his special aloha to an appropriate and qualified claimant. This year is definitely the year for a novice, Mr. George Over and his crew Miss                             , who found the mark when no experienced skipper or crew on the two preceding yachts could find it and pointed out the way in the most obliging manner yet seen in yachting circles in Hawaii. Aloha George it’s all yours.
                                             Bill Thompson
                                             By John F Child Jr

December 18th 1945
         In case Mr. Child has not yet learned my crew’s name it was Miss Doris Wynn and I demand that he so complete his charge and properly write her name in the blank space (in red ink).
         I believe that I have now certain items that will prevent this from happening again—my gear now includes a muzzle and a straight-jacket.                                   Geo. Over Jr.

December 18th 1945

         We have in our fleet a certain skipper who has a blue Star boat. He has won many races during the year. Just before the eliminations for the Blue Star series he was quite cocky and made several remarks about “smart sailing.” During one race in the eliminations he was leading the entire fleet going down wind and upon approaching the mark thought he would be smart and “come about” rather than chance jibe. In so doing—the whole fleet sailed thru him. So to you “Bob Miller” I present this wonderful trophy (this bonehead maneuver prevented him from sailing in the Blue Star series ¸ reason-! Not enough points).
                                             Geo. Over Jr.

Dec. 18—1946
         After one year of thought and the possession of this blasted “Booby Bird,” I still don’t have a legitimate counter to the charges preferred. But I think you will all agree that twelve months of looking at this coveted (?) trophy is punishment enough for the sin I have committed. However, I strongly object to Mr. Over’s charges—on the grounds of nolle contendere, habeous corpus, and nolle prosequi!!
                                             Bob Miller

Dec. 19—1946
         It is with a great deal of regret that I now turn this award of awards over to another Waikiki Star Fleet member.
         Surprisingly enough a so-called Marine Architect is not aware of one of the principal rules of yacht design. That is—“one’s bailing bucket must be carried inside one’s own boat and not affixed to a competitor’s keel”!!
         So, although records show that on that particular day he placed only fourth and is not entitled to a trophy, I, his fellow fleet-member, after due consideration, feel that he should receive some award.
         Therefore, Frank Rothwell, to you—The Bird!
                                             Bob Miller

Season Champion
Star Boat

This trophy was part of the Staff Commodore Charley Dole collection and was deeded back to the Waikiki Yacht Club by the family on June 18, 2012. Charley Dole passed away in March 2012 and a celebration of his life was held at the Waikiki Yacht Club on Sunday June 10, 2012. It was MC by current UH Sailing coach Andy Johnson. Over 20 boats and 250 people attended the scattering of his ashes off Waikiki and the formal 8 bells ceremony.

1947                F. ROTHWELL
1948                R. MILLER
1949                R. MILLER
1950                R. MILLER
1951                C. DOLE
1952                C. DOLE
1953                R. MILLER
1954                F. ROTHWELL
1955                F. ROTHWELL
1056                F. ROTHWELL
1957                C. DOLE
1958                C. DOLE
1959                C. DOLE
1960                C. DOLE

Kenwood - Offshores

 The Chako Cup

Perpetuating the sailing spirit of Hisako “Chako” Saitoh
Dedicated to the encouragement of youth in ocean racing

The Chako Cup was established in 1990, in memory of Hisako "Chako" Saitoh.
Hisako Saitoh was a crew of the yacht ANN in the 1990 Kenwood Cup. She died when her boat hit a rock and sank at night off Molokai during the middle distance race. 
Deed of Gift: The “Chako Cup: will go to a young man or woman crew member from the Pacific Rim who, as nominated by his or her fellow crew members, yacht club and / or international yachting federation, most exemplifies the energy, skill, enthusiasm and cheerfulness that so personified “Chako”.
The nominees will be selected for their conduct during an ocean racing event, or series of events, held in the prior 24 months.
The awardees will be selected by the “Chako Cup” selection committee, which will consist of:
Jackie Black                         Kaneohe Yacht Club
David Kellert                     GM Spirit of Australia Challenge
Suzie Madrigalli                 San Francisco Yacht Club
Bobbie Slater                     Waikiki Yacht Club
Hal Wagstaff                      Commodore New Zealand yachting Federation
Awarded to:
1998                Leah Burnett
1996                Tomeko Terakawa, Sumiyo Kaneko, Eiko Wakana
1994                Leilani Tomaszewski
1992                Kyoko Imakiire        

King Kamehameha Perpetual Trophy

Waikiki Offshore Series

The Waikiki Yacht Club King Kamehameha Perpetual Trophy was created in June 2005 to promote the Waikiki Offshore Series. This regatta is the successor to the Pam Am Clipper Cup - Kenwood Cup Regattas that ran in even years in Hawaii from 1978 to 2000.
The Trophy is an incredible hand carved koa wood replica of the Hawaii Sailing Canoe Hokule’a. It was commissioned by member Philippe Kahn to entice out of town and local boats to compete in the regatta.
The deed of gift awards this trophy to the overall winner of the Waikiki Offshore Series that includes the inshore and offshore components. It is to be housed at the Waikiki Yacht Club at all times.
Hand carved by the highly talented artist Kylie Chun at an expense of $10,000 this exact replica sits in the Waikiki Yacht Clubs entry trophy case alongside her sister trophy that is dedicated to the winning Transpac boat in the 50 to 60 foot range.
In 2009 the FujiSankei Business i company became the name sponsor of the event and added their logo to the trophy. 
Past winners are:    
2004 John Siegel           Scorpio        
2005  Philippe Kahn       Pegasus      
2006  Doug Taylor         Zamboni 
2007  John Kilroy           Samba Pa Ti
2008  John Spadaro        Boomerang
2009  John Spadaro        Boomerang

2010   Inshore only sailed - Not awarded

2011   Inshore only sailed - Not awarded 


Robert G. Dodge Trophy

Duty Free Shops deeded the Robert G. Dodge Perpetual Trophy to the Waikiki Yacht Club in honor of long time member Robert Gray Dodge. Bob Dodge was an attorney and active in local politics, helping to draft Hawaii’s Constitution, the City Charter for Honolulu and did a lot of work for Bishop Estate.He also kept the Waikiki Yacht Club from having a trash processing plant where the city maintenance shed is today. He was a respected authority on government structure.

Bob’s first love was the ocean and his true passion sailing.  He was a sailing purest, abjuring even an engine on his sailboats, the last being Fiasco. He moved to Hawaii around 1949 after spending time here in the Navy. He passed away in 1979 at age 63.

The Trophy was first deeded to honor the top Hawaii boat in the Pan Am Clipper Cup International Yacht Race in Hawaii starting in 1980. The Clipper Cup ran from 1978 to 1984.
Reactivated as the PHRF 2 first overall Trophy for the Three Day Around Oahu regatta over Memorial Day each year. In 1996 the winning boat was NALU and crew in PH-2. 

Starting in 2004, the Robert G. Dodge Perpetual Trophy has been awarded to the top Hawaii boat in the Waikiki Offshore Series. The Waikiki Offshore Series is an international competition for visiting boats that have completed the Transpac, Pacific Cup, or Vic Maui race.

Past Winners                                       
1980      Clipper Cup      Carrie Ann                           1St. Hawaiian Boat
1982      Clipper Cup      Uin Namara                           1St. Hawaiian Boat
1984      Clipper Cup      General Hospital                     1St. Hawaiian Boat
1986      Clipper Cup      Changed to Kenwood Cup and trophy retired. 
1988 - 1995                                     Retired
1996      Rededicated - 3-Day Around Oahu 1st overal
1996      3-Day Around Oahu              NALU      Hal Griffith   1st overall
1998      3-Day Around Oahu                                       1st overall
1999      3-Day Around Oahu                                       1st overall
2000      Trophy retired -        3-Day Around Oahu renamed DJ Johnson
2001      2003                                    Retired
2004      Rededicated to Waikiki Offshore Series  Top Hawaii Boat                
2004      Waikiki Offshore Series        Fins                     Todd and Cindy Wyrick
2005      Waikiki Offshore Series        Kaimiloa III           Dave Nottage
2006      Waikiki Offshore Series        Zamboni                Doug Taylor
2007      Waikiki Offshore Series        Boomerang            John Spadaro
2008      2011                           Not awarded - all local boats
2012      To Be Determined



First Foreign Boat Corrected Time Trophy

In June 2011 the Club acquired this new trophy. The Transpac Trophy is dedicated to the memory of the man that wrote the first invitation for Transpac for King David Kalakaua.

In 1886, as Private Secretary to King Kalakaua, Colonel Curtis P. Iaukea wrote what is acknowledged as the original invitation to sail in an ocean race from San Francisco to Honolulu. The race was to be held in conjunction with the Kings 50th birthday, which offered prizes and a residence for the officers and guest of the participating yachts. Because of the extreme distances involved, the proposed race did not materialized until 1906. It did however, set the Idea in the minds of the West Coast Yachtsmen and would be just a matter of time before the King’s vision would become the Transpacific Yacht Race.

Iaukea served as chief diplomat for the Kingdom of Hawaii during the reigns of both King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. In 1878 he was made Colonel of King Kalakaua’s Personal Staff by which he was addressed throughout his years. His final position was for the territorial government in 1917, when President Woodrow Wilson appointed him Secretary of Hawaii.

As Chamberlain and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs under Kalakaua, Colonel Iaukea was the most traveled member of the Hawaiian Administration. Having traveled the world from the shores of Honolulu to the far lands of St. Petersburg, Spain, England, Germany, France, and Japan, it is only appropriate that his trophy be offered to foreign contestants.

Makani Hula Perpetual Trophy

Fastest Mono hull to Honolulu, less than 60 feet
This “Makani Hula” perpetual trophy is for every Transpac the “Fastest Mono hull to Honolulu, less but not equal to 60 feet in length. For example TP-52, Shock 40, Swan 56 qualify. However an Open 60 does not qualify. As of the 2005 race, TP-52s have won and set the course record for mono hulls less than 60 ft
The trophy is a Koa Wood Hawaiian Sailing Canoe the base upon which the name of the winning ship and Skipper shall be engraved annually
The trophy shall be awarded to the fastest elapsed time mono hull of less but not equal to 60 feet in length and presented following the Transpac biannual Regatta subject to the following provisions:
1.  The Trustee of the trophy shall be the Waikiki Yacht club.
2.  Suitable keeper trophies shall be presented to the winning Skippers.  Sonia and Philippe Kahn will reimburse $500 annually.
3. The Perpetual Trophy shall be displayed and kept at the Waikiki. If the Yacht Club of the winning mono-hull would want to display the trophy,   the trophy is to be returned or shipped in its accompanying case fully insured by the recipient in possession to the Waikiki Yacht Club, three weeks prior to the following year’s Transpac regatta.
4.  The individual recipient and/or the Yacht Club displaying the trophy shall be responsible for providing insurance on the trophy.
5.  The trophy shall always be the property of the Waikiki Yacht Club and shall not become the property of any recipient nor any club or Association except that should the Waikiki Yacht Club  cease to exist or to operate, any successor organization shall succeed to the trophy or if there be no such successor organization, then it shall go to the Transpacific Yacht Club.
6.  This Deed of Gift may be amended at any time only by the donor.  Upon the death of the donor, the Deed of Gift may be amended by the Board of Directors of the Waikiki Yacht Club provided that such amendment shall be designed to carry out the intent of the donor.

June 25, 2006                          Sonia and Philippe Kahn

Youth Sailing Trophies

HYSA El Toro C4 Trophy

The Prop Club Bowl was first raced for in 1963 as the Maritime Day Class A Ocean Racing Perpetual. The winners were as follows:
  1963 Frank Rothwell 1964 Lou Foster
  1965 Malcolm McFaull 1966 Cy Gillette
  1967 Fred Smales 1968 Fred Smales

It was rededicated Rededicated as the Hawaii Youth Sailing Association El Toro C4 in 2000. El Toro C4 is our entry level of competition.
  2000 Alex Hossellman 2001 Keita Fukushima
  2002 Brock Wooldridge 2003 Jennifer Proctor
  2004 Michael Woo 2005 Richard Wollenbecker
  2006 Scott Vandeverg 2007 Ryan McDonald
  2008 Jared Bagley 2009 Jessica Molina
  2010 Nicolas Hunt 2011 Mason Comerford


 Roy E. Disney Trophy

Hawaii Youth Sailing Association
Youth Sailor of the Year
Morning Light Trophy 
The beautiful half model of the Transpac 52 Morning Light that was the centerpiece of the sailing documentary film of the same name was presented to the Waikiki Yacht Club from Roy E. Disney for the Club's support and assistance in the making of the movie. Morning Light was based at the Waikiki Yacht Club when the crew and film team were in Hawaii from February to May 2007. Every member of the crew joined the club that Roy and his family had been members of for many years. 

On Roy’s passing in late 2009, the WYC looked for a way to honor his memory and continue his legacy of supporting Hawaii’s youths in sailing. Staff Commodore Michael Roth and WYC Youth Sailing Chair Connie Smales discussed what could be done with this half-hull plaque to honor Mr. Disney. After much consideration with Youth Sailing Director Guy Fleming it was decided to use the trophy not for just the WYC youth sailors, but the entire state of Hawaii youth programs. The half model was rededicated in January 2010 to be the HYSA (Hawaii Youth Sailing Association) Sailor of the Year award. With the stipulation it is housed at the WYC. A selection committee made up of the HYSA board and Hawaii youth sailing directors selects the winner to be announced at the Annual Youth Sailing awards program each year. It was awarded for the first time in November 2010 by Leslie DeMeuse Disney.

2010        Morgan Merrill
2011        Lindsey Andrade 

 The Navy Gaboon Perpetual for the State Singlehanded Championships Junior award (18 and under) 

by Guy Fleming

The historical Laser Trophy in the case is the companion to the Senior trophy.  It is the Navy Gaboon perpetual which was raced for from 1939-1941 when it went into hiding until after the war.  In 1989 it was rededicated as the State Singlehanded Championship Junior Trophy.  We also were able to trace back all the original winners of this division to 1974.  Of the 20 recipients, 4 of them have gone on to win the Senior award at a later date—Sam Kerner, John Myrdal, Andrew Lewis and Lance Miller.   The top youth sailors 18 and under are as follows:

Year                     Youth Sailor                  Yacht Club
1974                          B. Westmoreland
1975 & 6                    Fred Berg                             Kaneohe
1977                          Steve Lowery                        
1978 & 9                    Ken Watts                            Kaneohe
1980,81,82 &3            Sam Kerner                           Waikiki
1984                          Mark Anderson                     Waikiki
1985                          Sean Lennon                         Kaneohe
1986                          Sean Thornton                      Waikiki
1987 & 8                     John Myrdal                           Kaneohe
1989                          Mark Pieklo                            Waikiki
1990                          Cole Slater                              Waikiki
1991,92, & 93             Roger Arnemann                   Waikiki
1994, 95                    Matt Cochran                         WYC/KYC
1996                          PJ Jacquelin                           Waikiki
1997,98,99,& 2000      Andrew Lewis                        Waikiki
2001,02, & 03             Michael Scott                         Kaneohe
2004, & 05                 Drew Robb                             Kaneohe
2006                          Ian Lim                                   Waikiki
2007,08,09                 Lance Miller                           Waikiki
2010                          Morgan Merrill                      HYC/WYC

HYSA Laser A & B  

By Guy Fleming
We have been working through the trophy case from the left to the right and have completed the awards for the Laser States and for the Hawaii Laser Association Season's Points. We are entering into the Hawaii Youth Sailing Association (HYSA) Season's Points Awards. The first two awards have been rededicated for HYSA Laser A and B. HYSA has a separate set of eight regattas that are open to sailors who have not yet turned 24. 

The Laser A Trophy was formerly the Hawaiian Islands Fleet Season's Points Trophy for the Star Fleet from 1925 until World War II Broke out in 1941. The trophy was rededicated in 1989.   The HYSA Laser B Trophy was formerly the Atkinson Cup which was raced for once in 1924 and also rededicated in 1989. The past award winners for both trophies are as follows:

            Hawaiian Islands Fleet Season's                Atkinson Cup
Dates Laser A HYSA Season's Points                  Laser B Season's Points
1989    Cole Slater                                                       Zac Austin
1990    Cole Slater                                                       Zac Austin
1991    Cole Slater                                                       Roger Arnemann
1992    Roger Arnemann                                             Pierson Jacquelin
1993    Matt Cochran                                                 Ken Haig
1994    Matt Cochran                                                 Keawe Thurston
1995    Christian Taubman                                         Justin Taubman
1996    Justin Taubman                                              Isaac Gillette
1997    Andrew Lewis                                                David Chapman
1998    Andrew Lewis                                                John Sharkey
1999    Andrew Lewis                                                Jesse Winterbottom
2000    Andrew Lewis                                                William Arnest
2001    Andrew Lewis                                                Michael Scott
2002    Michael Scott                                                  Chris Hossellman
2003    Michael Scott                                                  Drew Robb
2004    Drew Robb                                                     Martin Sterling
2005    Drew Robb                                                     Ian Lim
2006    Drew Robb                                                     Mark Towill
2007    Not Awarded                                                  Lance Miller
2008    Lance Miller                                                    Morgan Merrill
2009    Lance Miller                                                    Dylan Ale
2010    Lance Miller                                                    Lindsey Andrade
2011    Lance Miller                                                    Grant Christopher

El Toro A & B Trophies

By Guy Fleming

The Hawaii Youth Sailing Association began season’s points in 1989. At that time, they rededicated the EW Dickey Trophy which had been raced for between 1931-41.  

In 1990, HYSA added El Toro B and rededicated the Herbert Dowset Challenge Trophy which had been raced for between 1926-40. 
            El Toro A                                  El Toro B
            EW Dickey Trophy                  Herbert Dowset Challenge Trophy
1989   Roger Arnemann      
1990   Roger Arnemann                           Adam Hollerbach
1991   Brad Donaldson                            PJ Jacquelin
1992   Roland Singer                               Isaac Gillette
1993   Lee Laney                                     Ursula Austin
1994   Brian Luke                                    Justin Taubman
1995   Brian Luke                                    Andrew Lewis
1996   Andrew Lewis                              David Chapman
1997   Brandon Benson                           Trevor Capps
1998   Brandon Benson                           Malia Perry
1999   Brandon Benson                           Michael Scott
2000   Martin Sterling                              Nick Cervantes
2001   Martin Sterling                              Quinn Franzen
2002   Martin Sterling                              Sean Doyle
2003   Ian Andrews                                 Katie Greenlee
2004   Ian Andrews                                 Ian Lim
2005   Brock Wooldridge                        Randy Wong
2006   Allen Sterling                               Ian Towill
2007   Allen Sterling                               Dylan Ale
2008   Allen Sterling                               David Rex
2009   Rinchen Harrison                         Renesh Wainscoat
2010   Mitchell Woodrow                       Nathan Allman
2011   Nathan Allman                            Dylan Dimarchi

Maui Divers
By Bobbie Slater & S/C Michael Roth
Photo by Miles Anderson
How a trophy is Born

Interscholastic Challenge Cup Trophy

You have all read about the winner and losers of sailing races and the trophies they were (or not) awarded. Did you ever think of how these trophies were designed? Here are a couple of stories.
The Maui Divers Interscholastic Challenge Cup was actually conceived in a small town in Montana in the early 1980’s. Cliff Slater and I were vacationing in the mountains, having just finished a llama trek in the John Marshall wilderness. While looking around the town of Kalispell, we looked into an old antique shop that I remember as looking like an old pioneer log cabin with a sagging porch and roofline. Cliff spotted an old silver chalice with handles made of goat horns. It was a mess; dented and misshapen, it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. He has always been good at seeing the potential in old things, and bought it with the idea in mind to make it a sailing trophy. The craftsmen at Maui Divers Jewelry Company set to work and refurbished it to the trophy you see today.
The Maui Divers Interscholastic Challenge Cup is deeded as an HYSA trophy event for the High School Single-Handed State Championships. The event is run in Laser Radials and 4.7s and is open to Grades 7-12 although the trophy is awarded to the top High School Sailor (grades 9-12). 

When there are too many competitors for a single fleet the sailors are divided into a Gold and Silver Fleet and we have two winners.

Gold Fleet                                                                              Silver Fleet
2014    Kukii Fala Hee                        Punahou
2013    Kukii Fala Hee                        Punahou
2012    Nolan Laramore                       Mid Pacific
2011    Andrew Shoji                           Punahou
2010    Morgan Merrill                         Mid Pacific
2009    Morgan Merrill                         Mid Pacific
2008    Fizz Foster                             Punahou
2007    Fizz Foster                             Punahou
2006    Jenn Proctor                           Punahou
2005    Mark Towill                             Punahou
2004    Martin Sterling                        Maryknoll                              
2003    Martin Sterling                        Maryknoll                   Justin Doyle               Mid Pacific
2002    Chris Hossellman                    Punahou                    Reid Fowler                Mid Pacific
2001    Michael Scott                         Castle                        Reid Fowler                Mid Pacific
2000    William Arnest                        Punahou                     Andrew Lewis             Assets
1999    Andrew Lewis                         Assets
1998    Andrew Lewis                         Assets
1997    Andrew Lewis                         Assets
1996    Christian Taubman                  Mid Pacific
1995    Ken Haig                                Punahou
1994    Matt Cochran                          Punahou
1993    Roger Arnemann                     St. Louis
1992    Roger Arnemann                     St. Louis


Hawaii Yacht Racing Association
Emily Budar

All Islands Series Trophy

To be awarded at the HYRA annual banquet to the boat that has the best score in at least 4 of the following races:
Spring Ko’Olina – DJJ 3-Day Around Oahu - Kalakaua Cup - Kauai Channel Race - Lahaina Lights - Lahaina Return Race - Holoholo Non-Stop Around Oahu - Fall Ko’Olina

This trophy is dedicated in the memory of Emily K. Budar. Emily became a Waikiki Yacht Club regular spouse member on June 6, 1959 when she married member Gilman P. Budar. She spent the summer of 1959 crewing on their race committee boat the Wikiwiki, a 42-foot sports fisherman. Emily had many a fond memory of living aboar Wikiwiki at the Waikiki Yacht Club when they served as one of the committee boat for the 1959 Transpacific Yacht Race. That summer she fell in love with yachting, the Waikiki Yacht Club and Hawaii. She was an active member until her passing in March of 2001. 
In 1983 she took over the money losing Boatique. Under her direction it turned a net profit which topped even the bar net income. During the 70’s she raced their 43 ft. sloop “Encore” in all of the wahine races. Emily would be honored to be part of the All Islands Series Trophy. This trophy was created and presented to HYRA by Gilman Budar in 2007. Past winners are:
2008                Boomerang                  John Spadaro
2009                Heartbeat                    James McDowell
2010                Heartbeat                    James McDowell
2011                Heartbeat                    James McDowell

 Ken Morrison Perpetual Trophy

For Excellence in Race Management

This trophy was created in November 2003 to acknowledge the contribution made to race management in Hawaii by Ken Morrison and donated by the Waikiki Yacht Club. 

It is awarded annually at the Hawaii Yacht Racing Association's Annual Awards Banquet and is administered by the Hawaii Commodores Association (HCA). The trophy winner is selected by a committee of at least three prominent yachtsmen/women selected by the HCA. The same Selection Committee that chooses the MacFarlane trophy winner is acceptable. To facilitate nominations HCA shall send a letter of invitation to all member yacht clubs of the Hawaii Yacht Racing Association no later than September 15 of each year. HYRA member clubs to HCA shall submit nomination letters no later than October 15th of each year. The Selection Committee shall render its decision of the current years awardee no later than November 5 of the current year. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be submitted to the President of the HCA.   The Hawaii Commodores Association shall provide a take home trophy. The perpetual trophy shall be maintained in the trophy case of Waikiki Yacht Club.

Qualifications for the trophy shall be based on the following yacht racing qualifications:

  • Outstanding achievement in organization and management of yacht races or regattas.

  • Outstanding yacht racing event promotion or administration.

  • Exemplary Race Committee work.

  • Extra-ordinary performance as a support person for a race or regatta.


Past Awardees

2003                Ken Morrison                        2008                John Thorne

2004                Joe Cochran                           2009                Ted Miller

2005                Tom Pochereva                      2010                Hideki Hayashi

2006                Phil Drips                               2011                Christin Shacat

2007                Michael Roth   

 History of the Hawaiian Challenge Trophy

1885 – 1984
On October 19, 1885 there was a meeting of the delegates of the Honolulu boat and yacht clubs. The meeting was held at the boat house of his Majesty, King David Kalakaua.
The business of the meeting was to form the Hawaiian Rowing and Yachting Association. The Association called for three delegates each from the major club, Iolani, Myrtle and the Honolulu Club, and one delegate each from all the other clubs.
A committee of five was appointed to draft a constitution, by-laws and racing rules.
On June 18, 1889 a unanimous resolution was passed by the delegates of the Hawaiian Rowing and Yachting Association to appropriate $350 for the express purpose of purchasing a silver cup to be sailed for annually during the month of July under the auspices and conditions of the H.R.Y.A. by first class yachts of dimensions not over 40 feet overall. Said cup to be called the "Hawaiian Challenge Cup".
A motion was passed to appoint a committee of four to make the necessary arrangements towards purchasing a suitable cup. Yacht owners will meet to select a course for a race on July 4 next.  The members of this committee:  C.B Wilson Chairman. J. M. Dowsett, C. P, Iaukea, W. M. Giffard, Secretary.
On June 25, 1889 the report of this committee was presented and included:
8: This cup shall be sailed for each year on July 4th or upon such other day as may be agreed upon by the H.R.Y.A.
9: The yacht winning the cup shall be entitled to hold it for one year from the date of winning it and thereafter until it shall be regularly won by some other yacht at the annual regatta above provided for. 
These recommendations of the committee, now referred to as the Regatta Committee, passed unanimously.
The previous resolution was amended as follows: "that this Association do hereby appropriate the sum of $375 for the express purpose of purchasing a silver cup to be sailed for annually under the auspices of this Association by yachts of the dimensions specified in the committees report presented at this meeting. Said cup to be called the "Hawaiian Challenge Cup" and is to be under the supervision and control of the following Regatta Committee who shall act as trustees for the safekeeping of said cup, viz:  C. W. Wilson,
Chairman,  J. M. Dowsett, C.P Iaukea,, W. M. Giffard, sec”
Letters acknowledging receipt of the Challenge Cup were required. Copies .of the receipt letter are in this file. A letter from the Regatta Committee secretary stated, "For and on behalf of the Regatta Committee of the H.R.Y.A. I beg to hand you herewith the Hawaiian Challenge Cup and Penant for 1890, the same having been won by the yacht "Hawaii" on July 4, 1890, subject to the rules and regulations of the Association."
The Hawaiian Challenge Cup was manufactured in Providence, Rhode Island by the Gorham Silver Co. The hallmark on the base of this sterling cup is that of the Gorham Silver Co. It comprises a lion, an anchor and the letter “G”. The lion is "passant" -(facing to the right), and walking with his right dexter (forepaw) in a raised position. The anchor, with the usual ring, stock. shank, flukes and arms has a fairly flat crown. Above the anchor is a half moon design.
The trophy rests on a wooden base 6" high and 103/4” in diameter. A plaque attached to the wooden base has the names of the Regatta Committee of 1890 through 1892. (Mr. laukea did not serve during those years.)  The sterling cup is shaped like a binnacle. It is 15" in height, 5 ½” wide at the open top,  6 ½” wide at the base. It weight 5.28 lbs. On the front of the binnacle shaped trophy is engraved, "Hawaiian Rowing and Yachting Challenge Trophy". On the back two gaffed-rigged sloops are etched with Diamond Head seen in the background.  Seagulls and dolphins decorate the upper and lower rims of the trophy. On either side of the bowl are placed two miniature windlass with a wheel and anchor attached by a small chain. The name of the winning yacht and the date of the race is engraved on the trophy.
King Kalakaua's yacht, "Healani", won it first on July 4, 1889. During the years that the King was an active yachting enthusiast it was his custom to invite the skippers and crews of the competing boats to join . him at his boat house following the July 4 race. Here it was his happy habit to fill the Challenge Trophy with champagne and pass it around for all to enjoy as a loving cup. Hence the trophy's colloquial name, the "Kalakaua  Cup".
Enthusiasm for sailing waned and this trophy "disappeared". However, it was by J.M. Dowsett, one of the members of the original regatta committee  in a vault of the Castle and Cooke Co. office. The Company was moving their office to the "new" site. When the old vault was opened and the trophy appeared it was filled with silverware belonging to the last winner, Tom Hobron, in the yacht "Gladys Mary" in 1911.
The trophy was deeded to the Hawaiian Islands Star Fleet in 1925. This fledgling chapter of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association received its charter on Aug. 1, 1924, operating out of Pearl Harbor Yacht Club.
A newspaper account, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Oct. 24, 1936, names H. M. Dowsett and Albert Waterhouse as trustees of the trophy. The writer of this article was a young lady named Edna Whiting who sailed her Star boat with the Hawaiian Islands Star Fleet. Edna Whiting Nisewaner was a reporter for the newspaper. She was a "Navy Junior" who was fascinated by "old Hawaii" and was intrigued by the history of the Kalakaua Cup. It was she who did the original research of this treasured trophy.
The Hawaiian Islands Star Fleet became defunct on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attack on Hawaii and Pearl Harbor took place. The H.I.S.F. existed only on paper after this date. The H.I.S.F. never has raced since that date. The fleet was officially deactivated in 1968 by the I.S.C.Y.R.A. as the fleet had never met the requirements of an active fleet.
The last winner of the Hawiian Challenge Trophy was the Star class yacht Roulette" skippered by Laurie S. Dowsett, the 17 old son of H. M. Dowsett, with his crew Lloyd B. Dsborne. This was the summer of 1941. Names of winning yachts and skipper/crew from 1925 through 1941 are  inscribed on the trophy.
King Kalakaua Trophy winners
The trophy was re-dedicated in 1986 and is awarded annually to the winner of the Fourth of July Regatta consisting of three races. Race One is from Waikiki to Kaneohe, Race Two is an offshore race in the waters off of Kaneohe Bay, and Race Three is a race from Kaneohe to Waikiki. Ocean racing monohull yachts from 27’ to 60’ have participated and the results are scored on a handicap system that allows boats of different sizes and speeds to compete on a corrected time system against each other.


Year                Boat Name                  Skipper’s Name                      Notes/Yacht Club                   

1889                Healani                       King Kalakaua
1911                Gladys Mary               Tom Hobron
1925                Lehua                          H. M. Dowsett               Deeded to Star Fleet                          
1926                Loilani                         M. B. McComb                                                                       
1927                Eleu                             O. N. Tyler                                                                  
1928                Bluebird                       F. H. Bottomley
1929                Nomad                         B. H. B/ Damon
1930                Hoku                            A. K. Young Lee
1931                Hula Star                     H. M. Dowsett
1932                Hokullele                     C. W. Dickey                            

1933                Eleu                             Jas. Woolaway

1934                Mamo                          B. F. Dillingham
1935                Mamo                          B. F. Dillingham
1936                Hula Star                     H. M. Dowsett
1937                Chip                             H. M. Dowsett Jr.
1938                Chip                             H. M. Dowsett Jr.
1939                Yuea                            G. D. Crozier
1940                Rouletta                       Laurie Dowsett
1941                Rouletta                       Laurie Dowsett                         WWII starts
1986                Resolve                      Darryl Johnston                                   Waikiki Yacht Club
1987                Resolve                      Darryl Johnston                                   Waikiki Yacht Club
1988                M-1                              Darryl Johnston                                    Waikiki Yacht Club
1989                Kaimiloa                     David Nottage                                      Kaneohe Yacht Club
1990                Reactor                       Kevin Mechan                                     Waikiki Yacht Club
1991                M-1                              Darryl Johnston                                   Waikiki Yacht Club
1992                Sea Hawk                  Chris Austin-Harmes                           Hawaii Yacht Club
1993                Uin Na Mara              Richard Page                                       Hawaii Yacht Club
1994                Medicine Man          Jeff Hill/Mike Rothwell                         Waikiki Yacht Club
1995                Desparado                Skip Winterbottom                                Hawaii Yacht Club
1996                20/20                          Tony Miller                                             Hawaii Yacht Club
1997                Kaimiloa III                David Nottage                                        Kaneohe Yacht Club
1998                Zamboni                    Doug Taylor                                            Waikiki Yacht Club
1999                Usual Suspects        Art Musso                                                Waikiki Yacht Club
2000                Ho’okipa                      Mike Rothwell                                      Waikiki Yacht Club
2001                Ho’okipa                      Mike Rothwell                                      Waikiki Yacht Club
2002                Ho’okipa                      Mike Rothwell                                      Waikiki Yacht Club
2003                Boomerang                  John Spadaro                                      Hawaii Yacht Club
2004                Boomerang                  John Spadaro                                      Hawaii Yacht Club
2005                Boomerang                  John Spadaro                                      Hawaii Yacht Club
2006                Ho’okipa                      Mike Rothwell                                      Waikiki Yacht Club
2007                Boomerang                  John Spadaro                                      Hawaii Yacht Club
2008                Fins                              Todd Wyrick                                         Waikiki Yacht Club
2009                Fins                              Todd Wyrick                                         Waikiki Yacht Club

2010                Prima Donna               RickOsborne/Dee Darby                    Kaneohe Yacht Club
2011                Prima Donna               RickOsborne/Dee Darby                    Kaneohe Yacht Club
2012                Heartbeat                     James McDowell                                Waikiki Yacht Club