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Waikiki Yacht Club (WYC), situated at the edge of Honolulu’s Ala Moana Beach Park and the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, is one of the premier yacht clubs in the Pacific. It has been the home to sailboat racers and fishing enthusiasts since 1944. The club welcomes sailors to its docks and extends reciprocity to visiting yacht club members from around the world. 
WYC was founded by yachtsmen who had grand memories of the excellent sailing and yacht racing conditions in Hawaiian waters prior to World War II. The bombs that fell on Pearl Harbor also disrupted organized yachting; during the war, non-military craft were banned from potentially dangerous waters. As the war drew to a close, a small group of sailors began refurbishing their boats. Their goal was to re-establish yacht racing in Honolulu and to organize a yacht club to support it.
And they did so, with 37 charter members that first year. George Over, Jr. was the club’s first commodore. The original board of directors included Duke Kahanamoku and Dick Soelberg, with other key roles played by John Child, Bob Miller, Art Myhre, and Guy Rothwell.

Three years later, in 1947, the club established one of the first junior sailing programs in Hawaii. The program is still dedicated to teaching sailing skills to Hawaii's youth, and many excellent sailors have graduated from the program. Club members Dave McFaull and Mike Rothwell went on to win silver medals in the Tornado class in the 1976 Olympic Games.
WYC offers a full suite of amenities, including a waterfront bar and lounge, evening dining, Sunday brunch, daily casual menu selections, a swimming pool, showers, meeting areas, and facilities for catered private events. Members often relax on the wide boardwalk that fronts modern floating docks, which accommodate up to 150 boats, ranging in size from 20 to 160 feet in length. Visiting vessels and their crews can stay at the club’s aloha slips, access water, power, and wireless Internet service, and enjoy the facilities.
Waikiki Yacht Club members actively participate in paddling competitions and sailing regattas for youth and adults, as well as fishing tournaments and organized short cruises. Friday night pau hana casual races and live music are enjoyed year ‘round, and seasonal social activities provide camaraderie and fun for members and their children.

We hope you will visit our club.

Hours & Directions

Effective October 18th, 2020

Monday - Club and Galley are closed.

Tuesday - Galley and Bar open 5p - 9p; Taco Tuesday 5p - 8p

Wednesday - Galley and Bar open 5p - 9p; Roberto's Pizza 5p - 8p

Thursday - Galley open 12p - 8p, Bar open 12p - 9p - Limited all-day menu

Friday - Galley open 12p - 8p, Bar open 12p - 9p - Limited all-day menu

Saturday - Galley open 12p - 5p, Bar open 12 - 9p - Flatbreads and salads 5p-8p

Sunday - Brunch 10a - 2p, Bar open 10a - 7p - Flatbreads and salads 2p - 6p 

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm 
Friday & Saturday, 9am - 7pm
Sunday, 9am - 3pm


Closed on Monday & Saturday
Tuesday, 10am - 4pm
Wednesday & Thursday, 10am - 5pm
Friday, 10am - 7pm
Sunday, 10am - 3pm


The dockside dining room serves dinner on Fridays from 5pm until 9pm.
Our very popular Sunday Brunch is also served in the dining room from 10:30am until 1:30pm.

All other dining is available on the Wharf or in the bar. Lunch is served Wednesday thru Sunday from 11am until 5pm and Dinner is available from 5pm until 9pm Wednesday thru Saturday.

Our WYC Wharf Menu selections are available Wednesday thru Saturday 11am until 9pm and Sunday from 11am until 5pm. These items can be enjoyed in the bar or out on the wharf.

We are serving dinner from the Commodore's Dinner Menu from 5pm until 9pm Wednesday thru Saturday and we have the Captain's Lunch Menu available Wednesday thru Sunday from 11am until 5pm.

The Commodore's Sunday Brunch Menu is only available on Sunday from 10:30am until 1:30pm. Please feel free to peruse our Special Events Menu and Deserts Menu as well.

Monday night is Pizza Night. Come down to enjoy Chef Roberto's specialty Pizzas made to order right in our WYC Bar. 

Contact Us

1599 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Phone: (808) 955.4405
Fax: (808) 941.5026

General inquiries:

For racing, race committee or crew wanted/available:

Visiting Yachts: Please visit our FAQs and Visiting Yachts page prior to emailing

the Port Captain regarding mooring:


Waikiki Yacht Club's floating docks, accommodates 150 boats, ranging in size from our 20-foot club harbor shuttle to 140 feet.

Questions about slip availability keep our Port Captain busy. Here are some of the most frequent questions and answers:

Q: I am considering joining the Waikiki Yacht Club as a regular member and have a boat. How long must I wait for a slip?

A: We must know the type of boat (power or sail), overall length, beam, width, and draft. If your boat is 25 feet or less in length, the chances of getting a slip assigned quickly are very favorable.

Q: Do sailboats get a preference over power boats?

A: The only preference we give sailboats is to try to give them an upwind slip when available and where there is sufficient draft for the keel. We generally have more slip selection for power boats, as they have more maneuverability and require less draft.

Q: What if my boat is longer than 25 feet?

A: We have two priority lists to work from, posted on the bulletin board near the rear entrance to the office:

Wet Mooring List C: This is for members who have a slip now but want to change the location (buying a bigger boat, or want to be upwind, or not enough beam width, etc.). Members on this list have first priority.

Wet Mooring List A: Members who do not have a slip but want one, either for an existing vessel, or a boat they might plan to buy in the future, would sign up on this list.

When a slip becomes available, we first contact those members on List C who match the specifications. If the slip is not filled from that list, we start calling List A members, using the same criteria. Members offered a slip but not ready with a boat may either drop off the list or go to the bottom of the list.

Q: How long will I have to wait?

A: The larger the slip, the longer the wait. Availability depends on unpredictable factors such as members moving, selling their boats, and the number on the waiting lists.

For the latest information contact the Port Captain


*from left to right: R/C Sail - Gary Evoniuk, Vice Commodore - Ian Scott, Secretary - Chris Clothier, Director - Steve Porretta, Commodore - Hideki Hayashi, Director - Dick Porter, R/C Power - Ron Gridley, Director - Victor Redding, Past Commodore - Mike Kelly, Treasurer - Gini Enos

Board of Directors

Commodore • Hideki Hayashi 

Vice Commodore •  Ian Scott                            

RC Sail • Gary Evoniuk

RC Power • Ron Gridley

Treasurer • Gini Enos
Secretary • Chris Clothier
Director • Steve Porretta
Director • Dick Porter
Director • Victor Redding

Standing Committees

As the Waikiki Yacht Club is a volunteer-led organization, club members are welcome to help manage events and attend the start of any committee meeting.

Contact the appropriate committee chair through the club’s office at (808) 955-4405.

Activities Margo Siler
Communications Clayton-Hoyt Uyehara
Mariam Beard
Finance Bill Arnemann
House & Grounds Guillermo (Willy) Geldermann
Long Range Planning Dick Porter
Membership Jerri Burns
Mooring/Port Captain Chris Harmes
Nominating TBD
Operating Ian Scott
Paddling Carrie Clarke
Derek Clarke
Regatta Sean Doyle

Special Committees

8 Bells Michael Roth
Adult Sailing/Cal 20 Rick Griffin
Ala Wai Clean-Up Naomi Wasano
Ala Wai/Ala Moana Oversight S/C Stanley L. Thornton
Buchanan Trophy S/C Michael Roth
Burgee Collection Bill Wilmot
Change of Watch S/C Stanley L. Thornton
Commodore's Ball TBD
Election TBD
Fishing/Cruising Ron Gridley
Floral Arrangements Bobbie Slater
Food & Beverage Fran Hartmann
Insurance Steven Thomas
IT & Telecommunications Clayton-Hoyt Uyehara
Judge Advocate Jim Stubenberg
Junior Fishing Alec Freeman
Navigator eNewsLetter Mariam Beard
Opening Day Pete Gaskell
Photographer Miles Anderson
Plywood Cup S/C Lyle Holden
Protest S/C Michael Roth
Publicity/PR Janet Crawford
Record Archives S/C Stanley L. Thornton
Rubber Ducky Race S/C Lyle Holden
Rules S/C Mark Hazlett
Rules, Regulations & Grievance IPC Mike Kelly
Shuttle Tony Bruce
TRANSPAC Liaison Scott Bradley
Trophy Archives S/C Michael Roth
Water Assets Jeffrey Hossellman
Waterman's Program Shawn Kelley
Waterways Program TBD
Website Clayton-Hoyt Uyehara
Windward Beat Editor Janet Crawford
Youth Sailing Connie Smales