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There is nothing more pleasant than to be sailing in the brisk Pacific trade winds off Oahu’s famous Diamond Head coastline. This great sailing venue is immediately accessible from the Waikiki Yacht Club, in its pristine setting in the Ala Wai Harbor.

As a sailing club, racing is an important component of the many benefits the Waikiki Yacht Club offers to the community and to visitors to Hawaii. For information, refer to the Regatta page.

To promote sailing, the Waikiki Yacht Club offers youth and adult sailing instruction. For information refer to the Youth Sailing Program and the Adult Sailing Program.

If you're interested in sailboat or yacht racing, you'll definitely want to check out the Regatta Section of our website. The Waikiki Yacht Club promotes yacht racing of all types, from dinghies to keeboats, and with one or more hulls. Our waters are ideal for racing, with protected inshore courses, challenging coastal conditions and of course our world-famous tradewinds. You may also want to check out the 2019 HYRA Calendar.

Safety on the water is of paramount importance, and the Waikiki Yacht Club hosts the Honolulu Sail and Power Squadron’s boating courses, offered to novice and advanced boaters. Vessel safety checks, sponsored by the Honolulu Sail and Power Squadron and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, are also offered at the club. For information, link to Boating Courses and to Vessel Safety Checks.


Race Committee

WYC's races are run by our all-volunteer Race Committee. They're the folks who you see on the little bobbing boat anchored at the right end of the start line, valiantly keeping time with the official sandglass, raising signal flags in the correct sequence and sounding the horn to alert sailors to the countdown time, all while holding on with two hands. After the races, they may be found huddled over laptop computers, entering finishing times in to the algorithm that determines the day's winner and who's buying drinks all around.

Regatta Chairman: Hideki Hayashi
Committee Boat Skipper: Jeff Hossellman
Principal Race Officer: Hideki Hayashi
Photographer: Phil Sammer

  Aaron Woodley
Bob Stamps
Branden Frederick
Buzzy Heinrich
Cliff Montgomery
Gary Piro
Gerry Murphy
Gil Budar
Hideki Hayashi
Jack Peters
James McDowell
Janet Crawford
Jeff Hossellman
Jim Ewing
Josh Teresco
Karen Kendall
Kevin Schaefer
Lance Miller
Larry Marvel
Masakazu Yoshida
Michael Roth
Mike Rothwell
Pamela MacChlerie
Patrick Kudlick
Patrick Parsons
Peter Birschbach
Rick & PJ Value
Scott Bradley
Susan Kim
Yang Suh

Be sure to say mahalo to them when you see them around our club. They are the ones who set the course, the start and finish lines, and who keep the time to deliver great racing.

Remember, for the whole duration of the race, they're also on the ‘Ilima (which translates either to the official flower of Oahu, or "little yellow boat, rolling in the waves") the club's former Pilot Boat, which now serves as Race Committee boat.


WYC Regattas

The Waikiki Yacht Club promotes yacht racing of all types, from dinghies to keeboats, and with one or more hulls. Our waters are ideal for racing, with protected inshore courses, challenging coastal conditions and of course our world-famous tradewinds. Races are held under the auspices of US Sailing and ISAF with rules amended for local conditions as applicable.

Racing Rules PDFs on the ISAF website.


We are very fortunate to have Mr. Gary Evoniuk at the helm as our Rear Commodore for Sail in 2019. Gary is also in charge of the Club's Cal-20 Adult Sailing Program. With this great program, maybe it’s time for you to join the fun on the water!

Sign up for training on one of the Cub’s Cal 20's. Gary is happy to work with you to provide a custom program or a single lesson to get your feet wet. The cost is surprisingly reasonable and is best discussed with Gary as he can join interested parties to bring the cost down further. Drop Gary an email at

The Cal 20 is one of the most popular small keelboats ever built.  When you are ready, one can be purchased locally at a low cost. At current rates, slips are affordable and wait times are shorter than for larger boats.  But, if you don't want to buy, and you are a member at WYC, following completion of the course and/or certification for those who already have sufficient sailing expertise, you can charter a Cal 20 (half-day or full-day) for a very reasonable charge. 

The Club’s basic sailing program is a 12-hour course, consisting of four three-hour lessons on the water off Waikiki and Diamond Head. Topics covered in these classes include: seamanship, terminology, knot-tying, rules of the road, navigation, and boat maintenance.   Please contact Gary for more information. 

Friday Night "Beer Can" Races

Along with more competitive weekend regattas, Friday night races are a time honored tradition at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Members gather around 4pm at the Club to enjoy the "Beer Can" race out of the Ala Wai Harbor, racing to either Diamond Head Buoy or a mark off of Honolulu Harbor.  

We have a crew finder page for sailors looking to connect with captains who may be looking for crew. Note that individuals who sign up on the crew finder page agree to have their contact information posted online on the public WYC website so please be sure this is acceptable to you before filling out and submitting the form.

Also, please note that we have many more crew requests than positions. It is particularly difficult for captains to respond to short term requests for an evening, a few weeks, or even months. Most captains are looking for long term crew who will work well with their existing team and learn the "ropes" of racing on Friday nights and other more competitive regattas. So please don't be disappointed if no one gets back to you.  

The best way to get involved with sailboat racing is to look into the possibility of joining a yacht or sailing club. Many crews are recruited from members who get to know each other through club activities. Membership information for WYC is available by calling the Club's central number: 808 955-4405.