Updated 6/28/2011

1. RULES: The current US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing, Pertinent Class Rules, and the Sailing Instructions will govern races.

2. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: All yachts shall carry safety equipment required by current U.S. Coast Guard Regulations, and the State of Hawaii, and by class and fleet rules.

3. INSURANCE: All yachts shall carry liability insurance in the amount of $300,000. Any yacht not able to show proof of insurance when requested by the Race Management will be automatically disqualified from all races or series they sailed un-insured.

4. OFFICIAL TIME: Official time will be that of WWVH, phone 335-4363.

5. SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY: If the Small Craft Advisory is in effect on the day of the race the Race Committee will make a determination two hours prior to the scheduled starting time to conduct or postpone the race. When gale force winds are posted for inter-island channels two hours prior to the scheduled start, the race will automatically be postponed. Notice of rescheduling of postponed races will be posted on the Official Race Bulletin Board.

6. TERMINATION OF SERIES: Should conditions make it impossible or unsafe to complete the scheduled number of races in a series, and should it be impractical or undesirable to postpone the remaining races to another date, the Race Committee shall have the authority to terminate the series and award prizes on the basis of the races completed.

7. FLEET CHAMPIONSHIPS A minimum of two yachts in a class or fleet qualifies to be eligible for WYC season's points championships. Class Boats: The Fleet Captains of each recognized fleet has the responsibility of scoring and selecting the Fleet Champion for their respective fleet. Through a consensus vote of the members each fleet will determine scoring procedures for the season, to include the number of throwouts, prior to the start of the first race. The Fleet Captain will report the scoring procedure to the Regatta Chairman as soon as possible. They will report the name of the fleet champion to the Regatta Chairman promptly after the last regatta of the season. Offshore: The WYC Regatta Chair will have the responsibility of scoring and selecting the season's points Fleet Champion for all Offshore Fleets. Scoring will include only those races sponsored by WYC. There will be one throwout. Each yacht shall be scored in its finish position relative to other WYC competing boats.

8. DELINQUENCY, SUSPENSION: A $50.00 fine will be automatically levied against any WYC delinquent or suspended member who competes in any club sponsored event. Any yacht carrying any delinquent or suspended member aboard any WYC sponsored race shall automatically be disqualified.

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