Maui Divers
Interscholastic Challenge Cup Trophy
By Bobbie Slater & S/C Michael Roth
Photo by Miles Anderson
How a trophy is Born
You have all read about the winner and losers of sailing races and the trophies they were (or not) awarded. Did you ever think of how these trophies were designed? Here are a couple of stories.
The Maui Divers Interscholastic Challenge Cup was actually conceived in a small town in Montana in the early 1980’s. Cliff Slater and I were vacationing in the mountains, having just finished a llama trek in the John Marshall wilderness. While looking around the town of Kalispell, we looked into an old antique shop that I remember as looking like an old pioneer log cabin with a sagging porch and roofline. Cliff spotted an old silver chalice with handles made of goat horns. It was a mess; dented and misshapen, it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. He has always been good at seeing the potential in old things, and bought it with the idea in mind to make it a sailing trophy. The craftsmen at Maui Divers Jewelry Company set to work and refurbished it to the trophy you see today.
The Maui Divers Interscholastic Challenge Cup is deeded as an HYSA trophy event for the High School Single-Handed State Championships. The event is run in Laser Radials and 4.7s and is open to Grades 7-12 although the trophy is awarded to the top High School Sailor (grades 9-12). 

When there are too many competitors for a single fleet the sailors are divided into a Gold and Silver Fleet and we have two winners.

Gold Fleet                                                                              Silver Fleet
2014    Kukii Fala Hee                        Punahou
2013    Kukii Fala Hee                        Punahou
2012    Nolan Laramore                       Mid Pacific
2011    Andrew Shoji                           Punahou
2010    Morgan Merrill                         Mid Pacific
2009    Morgan Merrill                         Mid Pacific
2008    Fizz Foster                             Punahou
2007    Fizz Foster                             Punahou
2006    Jenn Proctor                           Punahou
2005    Mark Towill                             Punahou
2004    Martin Sterling                        Maryknoll                              
2003    Martin Sterling                        Maryknoll                   Justin Doyle               Mid Pacific
2002    Chris Hossellman                    Punahou                    Reid Fowler                Mid Pacific
2001    Michael Scott                         Castle                        Reid Fowler                Mid Pacific
2000    William Arnest                        Punahou                     Andrew Lewis             Assets
1999    Andrew Lewis                         Assets
1998    Andrew Lewis                         Assets
1997    Andrew Lewis                         Assets
1996    Christian Taubman                  Mid Pacific
1995    Ken Haig                                Punahou
1994    Matt Cochran                          Punahou
1993    Roger Arnemann                     St. Louis
1992    Roger Arnemann                     St. Louis
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