HYSA Laser A & B  
By Guy Fleming
We have been working through the trophy case from the left to the right and have completed the awards for the Laser States and for the Hawaii Laser Association Season's Points. We are entering into the Hawaii Youth Sailing Association (HYSA) Season's Points Awards. The first two awards have been rededicated for HYSA Laser A and B. HYSA has a separate set of eight regattas that are open to sailors who have not yet turned 24. 
The Laser A Trophy was formerly the Hawaiian Islands Fleet Season's Points Trophy for the Star Fleet from 1925 until World War II Broke out in 1941. The trophy was rededicated in 1989.   The HYSA Laser B Trophy was formerly the Atkinson Cup which was raced for once in 1924 and also rededicated in 1989. The past award winners for both trophies are as follows:
            Hawaiian Islands Fleet Season's                Atkinson Cup
Dates Laser A HYSA Season's Points                  Laser B Season's Points
1989    Cole Slater                                                       Zac Austin
1990    Cole Slater                                                       Zac Austin
1991    Cole Slater                                                       Roger Arnemann
1992    Roger Arnemann                                             Pierson Jacquelin
1993    Matt Cochran                                                 Ken Haig
1994    Matt Cochran                                                 Keawe Thurston
1995    Christian Taubman                                         Justin Taubman
1996    Justin Taubman                                              Isaac Gillette
1997    Andrew Lewis                                                David Chapman
1998    Andrew Lewis                                                John Sharkey
1999    Andrew Lewis                                                Jesse Winterbottom
2000    Andrew Lewis                                                William Arnest
2001    Andrew Lewis                                                Michael Scott
2002    Michael Scott                                                  Chris Hossellman
2003    Michael Scott                                                  Drew Robb
2004    Drew Robb                                                     Martin Sterling
2005    Drew Robb                                                     Ian Lim
2006    Drew Robb                                                     Mark Towill
2007    Not Awarded                                                  Lance Miller
2008    Lance Miller                                                    Morgan Merrill
2009    Lance Miller                                                    Dylan Ale
2010    Lance Miller                                                    Lindsey Andrade
2011    Lance Miller                                                    Grant Christopher
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