Makani Hula Perpetual Trophy

Fastest Mono hull to Honolulu, less than 60 feet
This “Makani Hula” perpetual trophy is for every Transpac the “Fastest Mono hull to Honolulu, less but not equal to 60 feet in length. For example TP-52, Shock 40, Swan 56 qualify. However an Open 60 does not qualify. As of the 2005 race, TP-52s have won and set the course record for mono hulls less than 60 ft
The trophy is a Koa Wood Hawaiian Sailing Canoe the base upon which the name of the winning ship and Skipper shall be engraved annually
The trophy shall be awarded to the fastest elapsed time mono hull of less but not equal to 60 feet in length and presented following the Transpac biannual Regatta subject to the following provisions:
1.  The Trustee of the trophy shall be the Waikiki Yacht club.
2.  Suitable keeper trophies shall be presented to the winning Skippers.  Sonia and Philippe Kahn will reimburse $500 annually.
3. The Perpetual Trophy shall be displayed and kept at the Waikiki. If the Yacht Club of the winning mono-hull would want to display the trophy,   the trophy is to be returned or shipped in its accompanying case fully insured by the recipient in possession to the Waikiki Yacht Club, three weeks prior to the following year’s Transpac regatta.
4.  The individual recipient and/or the Yacht Club displaying the trophy shall be responsible for providing insurance on the trophy.
5.  The trophy shall always be the property of the Waikiki Yacht Club and shall not become the property of any recipient nor any club or Association except that should the Waikiki Yacht Club  cease to exist or to operate, any successor organization shall succeed to the trophy or if there be no such successor organization, then it shall go to the Transpacific Yacht Club.
6.  This Deed of Gift may be amended at any time only by the donor.  Upon the death of the donor, the Deed of Gift may be amended by the Board of Directors of the Waikiki Yacht Club provided that such amendment shall be designed to carry out the intent of the donor.
June 25, 2006
                           Sonia and Philippe Kahn
Waikiki Yacht Club   •   1599 Ala Moana Blvd   •   Honolulu, HI 96814