Waikiki Yacht Club

By Guy Fleming

This trophy features a half hull of a Laser. The hull is orange and the sail number is John Higham’s a long time sailor in the fleet. John is still competing in Lasers in his 60’s and doing quite well. He finished second place in a race in the Laser States this year. The points are calculated for the best three of four WYC Laser events: Opening Day, the Laser Districts (also a qualifier for the US Singlehanded Nationals), the Duke Kahanamoku, and Laser #9. The trophy is engraved each year with the top finisher in both the Laser A and the Laser B fleet. 

            Laser A                  Laser B
1989   Cole Slater             Zac Austin

1990   John Myrdal           Zac Austin

1991   John Myrdal           Roger Arnemann

1992   Guy Fleming          Pierson Jacquelin

1993   Guy Fleming          Ken Haig

1994   Guy Fleming          Keawe Thurston

1995   Guy Fleming          Michael Lang

1996   Guy Fleming          John Sharkey

1997   Guy Fleming          Ethan Creps

1998   Andrew Lewis       John Sharkey

1999   John Myrdal           Michael Cervantes

2000   Andrew Lewis       Michael Scott

2001   Andrew Lewis       Michael Scott

2002   Andrew Lewis       Chris Hossellman

2003   Andrew Lewis       Martin Sterling

2004   Drew Robb            Martin Sterling

2005   Jesse Andrews       Alex Hossellman

2006   Guy Fleming          Justin Doyle

2007   Guy Fleming          Morgan Merrill

2008   Guy Fleming          Morgan Merrill

2009   Morgan Merrill       Dylan Ale

2010   Dylan Ale               Ian Marshall

2011   Lance Miller           Grant Christopher
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