Hawaii Laser Association Season’s Points 
Laser Division A, B & C.
By Guy Fleming

There are three related trophies that are raced for in the Hawaii Laser Association Season’s points. All three are for the best 5 of 9 events which include 4 events in town, 4 in Kaneohe and 1 in Pearl Harbor. 
The WYC Lewers and Cooke Trophy Summer Regatta for the 210 fleet was raced for between 1959 and 71, In 1991 it was rededicated as the Laser A perpetual. 
The Honolulu Advertiser Spring Regatta for the 210 fleet was raced for between 1959 and 72 and was rededicated in 1991 as the Laser B perpetual. 
Finally, the WYC Maritime Day Perpetual was raced for between 1963 and 75 and was rededicated as the Laser C perpetual in 2001. 
Year     Laser A                        Laser B                      Laser C
2000    Andrew Lewis           Michael Scott                              --
2001    Andrew Lewis           Michael Scott                   Tina Pryne
2002    Andrew Lewis           Chris Hossellman             Sean Doyle
2003    Guy Fleming              Martin Sterling                 Sean Doyle
2004    Drew Robb                Martin Sterling                 Justin Doyle
2005    Jesse Andrews           Alex Hossellman              Jenn Proctor
2006    Drew Robb                Justin Doyle                     Rinchen Harrison
2007    Guy Fleming              Morgan Merrill                Ian Marshall
2008    Guy Fleming              Morgan Merrill                Dylan Ale
2009    Guy Fleming              Dylan Ale                        Grant Christopher
2010    Guy Fleming              Laura Hughes                  Evan Twigg-Smith
2011    Guy Fleming              Grant Christopher            Dylan Dimarchi
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