Hawaii Laser Association District 26 Championships
 By Guy Fleming
This event has the distinction of being a local regatta which is also a qualifier for a national event − The US Sailing Singlehanded National Championships for the ODay Trophy. Currently the top full rig sailor, and for the last two years, the top female radial sailor, qualify to represent Hawaii at this fantastic event. The event has been going on for a long time but we have race results back to 1991. John Myrdal was the most dominant sailor at the time of the trophies purchase so the boat colors were the colors of his boat at the time…red and white. In 1994 John went on to win the ODay Championship. Since then we have had many strong Hawaii performances in the event. The Laser District Trophy is awarded to the top sailor in A fleet and the top sailor in B fleet. These are skill-based fleets. The winners are as follows:
Year              A Fleet                   B Fleet
1991              John Myrdal         Cameron Murray
1992              John Myrdal         Pierson Jacquelin
1993              John Myrdal         Justin Daniels
1994              John Myrdal         Keawe Thurston
1995              Jamie Boyden       Paul Kaseburg
1996              Christian Taubman Andrew Lewis 
1997              John Myrdal         Ethan Creps
1998              Andrew Lewis       Daniel Boatman 
1999              Andrew Lewis       Michael Cervantes
2000              Andrew Lewis       Michael Scott
2001              Andrew Lewis       Michael Scott 
2002              Andrew Lewis       Chris Hossellman
2003              Andrew Lewis       Roscoe Fowler 
2004              Drew Robb            Sean Doyle 
2005              Jesse Andrews       Justin Doyle 
2006              Steve Hochart       Alex Hossellman 
2007              Guy Fleming         Jenn Proctor 
2008              Guy Fleming         Fizz Foster
2009              Guy Fleming         Laura Hughes
2010              Lance Miller          Rinchen Harrison
2011              Lance Miller          Lindsey Andrad
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