DJ Johnson 3-Day Around Oahu Perpetual Trophy
When you enter the Club between the two trophy cases, at the end on your right is a beautiful half model of S/C Don “DJ” Johnson’s 60 foot Lidgard Final Approach. DJ as he was known had a major heart attack on 13 July 1983, which ended his flying career. Rather than just sit around he decided to build Final Approach and sail the world. He had to interrupt this circumnavigation for a Heart Bypass operation, but once recovered he continued on.
The final leg of his voyage was the 1995 Transpac race where he stacked the crew with WYC members Michael Rothwell, Les & Bruce Vasconcellos, Jim Maynard, and Bruce Burgess for the climax of an epic voyage. DJ made his mark on Yacht Clubs around the world and some to this day still tell stories about his visit. I heard a story about him at Campagnia Della Vela, the Yacht Club in Venice Italy when I visited there in 1995. 
On DJ’s death in June 2000 S/C Mike Welsh proposed renaming the 3-Day Around Oahu Memorial Day race in honor of S/C DJ Johnson. The Board approved the change. Lynn Brown donated the Final Approach half model to the Club in late 2000. Don Clothier on his Lidgard 50’ Tower won the first DJ Johnson regatta. Few will ever forget DJ’s "Viking Funeral" in July of 2000. His ashes were placed aboard a replica of a Viking boat and set afire as it sailed off. 
Each Memorial Day the Waikiki Yacht Club runs the DJ Johnson 3- Day Around Oahu regatta. Day one is from Waikiki to Kaneohe. Day two is Kaneohe to Kaena point. Day three is Ko’Olina to Waikiki. The winner of the three races combined in ORR or PHRF is the overall winner of the Memorial Day regatta. PHRF was used up to 2001 and returned in 2010. Some of the past winners are missing from our files. If you any have information about this trophy please contact me at 595-4124.
                                        2012                Ikaika                          Tony Miller
2011                Ikaika                          Tony Miller
2010                Heartbeat                    James McDowell
2009                Heartbeat                    James McDowell
2008                Boomerang                 John Spadaro
2007                Ho’Okipa                   Mike Rothwell
2006                Ho’Okipa                   Mike Rothwell
2005                Fins                            Todd & Cindy Wyrick
2004                Boomerang                 John Spadaro
2003                Noa                             Geoff Borne
2002                Tiare                           James McDowell
2001                Tower                         Don Clothier
2000                Desperado                   Skip Winterbottom
1999                Desperado                   Skip Winterbottom
1998                20/20                           Tony Miller
1997                Urban Renewal           Les Vasconcellos
1996                20/20                           Tony Miller
1995                20/20                           Tony Miller
1994                Medicine Man              Jeff Hill / Mike Rothwell
1991                Kaimiloa                      Dave Nottage
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