30 Nov. 1941.
The Booby Bird Trophy
         This trophy is presented to commemorate and perpetuate for posterity those deeds of the Skippers of the Waikiki Star Fleet that are so remarkable in that, they should never have been done. It is that action or lack of action at the critical moment that would at once relegate that Skipper to the well known “Dog House” if he were at home. It is desired that this perpetual trophy be administered to the culprits under the following rules:
         1.      To be presented to that Skipper who, by popular acclaim of the Fleet, has pulled a “dumb one.”
         2.      That the offense be set out in detail in this log with such embellishments as to make the offender well aware of his offense.
         3.      That this trophy remain in said offender’s possession until some new culprit is uncovered.
         4.      That each offender record in this log his defense whether or not he has one and whether or not any one believes him.
         5.      That the offending yacht, while the skipper is the custodian of the “Booby Bird Trophy,” fly a suitable pennant of red bunting 4” ´ 4” from his starboard spreader, said red bunting not to flow free but gathered in a bunch like some grimy old dish cloth.
                                    Signed: Homer Ferguson


4 Nov 1941
         To: Skipper John Childs.
         This trophy is presented to the accused as a result of the withdrawal from the Race of Sunday Nov 2 after making an official start. It is common knowledge that all true Yachtsmen make every endeavor to finish races they have started regardless of circumstances. It is felt that the mere breaking of a mast at the first spreader is no excuse as it was plainly visible to the Fleet that he had a good twelve feet of mast left.
                                             Homer Ferguson
Nov 9, 1941
         So what! So I got a pretty Birdie! So I always wanted a Birdie! So this is not gold! So I take exception to the charge. 12 ft of mast. Absurd! 10 ft 2 in., I measured it. So I didn’t finish. So today, Ferguson and Thompson don’t start! Ferguson had half an excuse, his batten pocket, you know, but Thompson got good scare and cold feet. So last week they give me the bird, so today I give Thompson the bird, amen and aloha.
                                             J.F. Child Jr.
November 1944
         It’s been a long time since any real boners have been made but that’s just because of the war. As agent for Bill Thompson, rightful possessor of this trophy, I have as my duty to pass it on with his special aloha to an appropriate and qualified claimant. This year is definitely the year for a novice, Mr. George Over and his crew Miss                             , who found the mark when no experienced skipper or crew on the two preceding yachts could find it and pointed out the way in the most obliging manner yet seen in yachting circles in Hawaii. Aloha George it’s all yours.
                                             Bill Thompson
                                             By John F Child Jr

December 18th 1945
         In case Mr. Child has not yet learned my crew’s name it was Miss Doris Wynn and I demand that he so complete his charge and properly write her name in the blank space (in red ink).
         I believe that I have now certain items that will prevent this from happening again—my gear now includes a muzzle and a straight-jacket.                                   Geo. Over Jr.
December 18th 1945
         We have in our fleet a certain skipper who has a blue Star boat. He has won many races during the year. Just before the eliminations for the Blue Star series he was quite cocky and made several remarks about “smart sailing.” During one race in the eliminations he was leading the entire fleet going down wind and upon approaching the mark thought he would be smart and “come about” rather than chance jibe. In so doing—the whole fleet sailed thru him. So to you “Bob Miller” I present this wonderful trophy (this bonehead maneuver prevented him from sailing in the Blue Star series ¸ reason-! Not enough points).
                                             Geo. Over Jr.
Dec. 18—1946
         After one year of thought and the possession of this blasted “Booby Bird,” I still don’t have a legitimate counter to the charges preferred. But I think you will all agree that twelve months of looking at this coveted (?) trophy is punishment enough for the sin I have committed. However, I strongly object to Mr. Over’s charges—on the grounds of nolle contendere, habeous corpus, and nolle prosequi!!
                                             Bob Miller
Dec. 19—1946
         It is with a great deal of regret that I now turn this award of awards over to another Waikiki Star Fleet member.
         Surprisingly enough a so-called Marine Architect is not aware of one of the principal rules of yacht design. That is—“one’s bailing bucket must be carried inside one’s own boat and not affixed to a competitor’s keel”!!
         So, although records show that on that particular day he placed only fourth and is not entitled to a trophy, I, his fellow fleet-member, after due consideration, feel that he should receive some award.
         Therefore, Frank Rothwell, to you—The Bird!
                                             Bob Miller


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