Ken Morrison Perpetual Trophy
For Excellence in Race Management

This trophy was created in November 2003 to acknowledge the contribution made to race management in Hawaii by Ken Morrison and donated by the Waikiki Yacht Club. 
It is awarded annually at the Hawaii Yacht Racing Association's Annual Awards Banquet and is administered by the Hawaii Commodores Association (HCA). The trophy winner is selected by a committee of at least three prominent yachtsmen/women selected by the HCA. The same Selection Committee that chooses the MacFarlane trophy winner is acceptable. To facilitate nominations HCA shall send a letter of invitation to all member yacht clubs of the Hawaii Yacht Racing Association no later than September 15 of each year. HYRA member clubs to HCA shall submit nomination letters no later than October 15th of each year. The Selection Committee shall render its decision of the current years awardee no later than November 5 of the current year. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be submitted to the President of the HCA.   The Hawaii Commodores Association shall provide a take home trophy. The perpetual trophy shall be maintained in the trophy case of Waikiki Yacht Club.
Qualifications for the trophy shall be based on the following yacht racing qualifications:
  • Outstanding achievement in organization and management of yacht races or regattas.
  • Outstanding yacht racing event promotion or administration.
  • Exemplary Race Committee work.
  • Extra-ordinary performance as a support person for a race or regatta.
Past Awardees
2003                Ken Morrison                        2008                John Thorne
2004                Joe Cochran                           2009                Ted Miller
2005                Tom Pochereva                      2010                Hideki Hayashi
2006                Phil Drips                               2011                Christin Shacat
2007                Michael Roth   
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