Waikiki Yacht Club Trophies

The WYC Trophy Case - Flanking our club's main entrance, and along the wall outside the main dining room.

The trophies in our cases represent more than just wood, glass, marble and metal. They are the symbols of all that we hold near and dear, Corinthian competition. Sailing is the only international sport that is a self-governed gentleman’s sport.  When you foul someone you are expected to take your penalty or retire from the race. The mindset is a little different today but the rules are the same. The sheer number of trophies in our cases is intimidating to most. 

A special thank you to PJ Value for photographing most of the trophies presented here.  Olympic medals photo by Michael Rothwell.  

Here is a list that will eventually include other WYC program trophies, such as the ones for paddling and fishing. In no particular order our trophies include:
Club Trophies: (Non Sailing)
            Bar Cup
            Rudy Buchanan Member Of The Year
            WYC US Sailing Sportsmanship Award
            Two Olympic Silver Medals
            McFaull Trophy
            3-Day Race Class C
            Etchells Half Model Season Points
            Phil Drips Seasons Points Beach Fleet
            King Kamehameha Trophy (3)
            Duke Bowls
            Fastest 24 hour run. Volvo Ocean Race 
            Matson – 1940 race – Gil Budar Trophy
            HLA Masters
            HLA Season's Points
            Hawaii Star Boat Trophy
           Waikiki Yacht Club Laser A & B Season's Points Trophy
Clipper Cup - Kenwood Cup - Waikiki Offshore Series
            Hawaii Silver Jubilee Porthole Trophy
            Hawaii Silver Jubilee Trophy B. Damon Trophy
            Robert G. Dodge Trophy
            Consul General Of Japan Trophy
            Consul General Of Australia Trophy
            Consul General Of Auckland Trophy
            US Navy Earl Spangler Trophy
            Chako Cup
Transpac Trophies
            Don Clothier Trophy – Koa Sailboat - 49’ and under first corrected time
            Edge of Destiny Youngest Crew Transpac 2009
            1st Corrected time winner –Transpac 1973 & 75 Chutzpah
Youth Sailing
            Walter Light - Junior Yachtsman Of The Year
            El Toro A & B
            Myron Kerner
            HYSA Seasons points Around the State race
            Graciella Dixon - Sportsmanship
            Phil Frey - Most Improved
            Parent Of The Year
            Beatrice A Patton - El Toro Seasons Points
            Duke Bowl El Toro
            Duke Bowl Laser
HYRA Trophies
            Lipton Cup
            Lipton Cup - One Design
            Sir Thomas Lipton Challenge Cup - Hawaii Star Boat Class
            Kalakaua Cup
            Dillingham Trophy
            All islands Trophy Gil Budar
            PH-1 Seasons points I-210 Fleet
If you have information on any of our trophies please contact me at rothcomm@lava.net
S/C Michael Roth


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