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First Name Last Name Phone Number Email Address Exp. Level Additional Infor Date Submitted
Steve Voigt 814-531-5319 2 Aloha, I am a 30+ year Honolulu resident who currently works in an office. I am good at what I do; but I would rather be good at what I do on water instead of land. Not lazy, dependable, and not money hungry. Mahalo for your consideration, Steve 5/2/2018
Sarah Galan +33671397512 1 Hi, We are 2 frenches looking for having an adventure and experience of multi-days. We'll be in Hawaii from the 3rd of May till the 21st of May. Thanks, Sarah 4/29/2018
Christiane Wolf +61432644739 3 passionate sailor visiting from Sydney is looking to go sailing tonight. please text me if you are looking for crew, thanks - Christiane 4/27/2018
August Pope 808-655-9826 1 Bottom line up front: I want to work for you free of charge as long as you teach me how to sail. I am getting out of the Army and they will allow me to spend a portion of the last 6 months of my contract doing an "internship" with a business to help me transition. I come work for you, 40 hours per week, you wouldn't have to pay me, I'm still under military health coverage, and all I want in return is that you teach me how to operate a catamaran. I'm looking at 21 November 2018 to 05 March. 4/23/2018
Eamon O'Byrne 415-847-6895 4 I am in Waikiki for work and would like to crew on the Friday night beer can race on 4/20. Happy to do anything on the boat. 4/20/2018
Gwen Anderson 619-473-0185 3 I have completed ASA sailing courses 101, 103, 104, 105. I am looking for sailing opportunities with a safety oriented boat and crew. Available 3 days a week and for 3 weeks in May for passages. I am a mature and fit female. Give me a call 4/15/2018
Cyrille Collard 808-494-6560 1 Hello, Me and my wife looking to crew aboard one of your skipper's yacht. I'm looking forward to hear from you very soon. Thank you. Cyrille 4/12/2018
Krysta Waters 206-348-0740 2 Hello! I am certified with the 14' Catalina as well as the 18' Rhodes sailboats. I did the Wet Hen program Sep through Nov of 2017 and joined the PYC so have been sailing 3-4 times a month since then. Have been open ocean just once so far. But I absolutely LOVE to sail and am looking for more opportunities to gain more experience and to sail in different areas! Thank you for your time! 4/12/2018
Noah Kainz +436644854340 2 I am currently doing my Yacht Master Coastal in Croatia and have some experience on boats. I will be in Waikiki from August 22nd until September 1st and and would like to join a crew there for 1-2 days. 4/1/2018
Guillaume Tellier 604-670-5556 1 Hi! I am a french civil engineer(I bave a sabbatical). I am cirrently in Waikiki and would like to join a sailing crew. I only have experience with Hobie Cat 16. I know It is very different but if you need a crew member who can learn let me know! Many thanks! Regards 3/31/2018
Gregory La Stella 954-851-3953 1 I am currently inexperienced in the yachting and sailing industry. However, I am very familiar with the nautical/boating lifestyle. Seeking a full-time or Part-Time Deck position on board a busy sailing vessel or yacht where I can hone in on my deck skills with boat systems, equipment, and procedures, as well as my hospitality knowledge and experience to help deliver a quality guest experience and contribute as a new crew member with likeminded individuals. 3/27/2018
Christian Jorgensen 0061458011078 3 Some experience. Had yachts growing up. Can take direction. On holiday from Australia. Please email. 3/21/2018
June Barrclough 0064293294299 3 Available 23 march to 30 march 18 3/16/2018
Rick Conway 650-743-0346 3 Lets go sail across the wine dark sea. 31 year old grad student, surfer, fisherman, philosopher, extrodonere!!!!! 3/12/2018
Andrew MacDonald +6421336779 4 Own Elliott 7.9 Race regularly in Auckland New Zealand Keen to go sailing arrive march 23rc thru to 30th march keen to crew 3/11/2018
Steven Fulmer 843-614-9383 2 I have beer (for you), the ability to take orders (on me), and the desire to destroy the souls of all of our competitors (for us). Hit me up🤙 3/2/2018
Anna Butchart 808-491-8788 2 I sailed a lot as a kid but haven't been sailing in a while. Miss it and would love to come race with you! 3/2/2018
Peter Biehl 808-223-1850 3 Sailed FJ's and 420's in college. I've also done some big boat sailing on j 24's and similar. Recently moved Back to Oahu after working in Seattle. Looking to do some sailing and meet some cool people. 3/2/2018
Nick Gideonse 503-702-8886 3 For Friday 3/2/18 only. I Own a Laser I and a 24' Yankee Dolphin, and a share in a Ranger 20. I have raced aboard Cal 20 for a season, and a variety of other one-offs. Captain and crew for >#12 week-long charters aboard 28-55' boats, and Haitian wooden boat excursions. 57 yo, quite fit 6' 165 lb. Yes, I party. Or not. Family doctor and teacher visiting on "business" from Oregon. 2/27/2018
Franko Tolenna 808-673-9939 2 1 2/27/2018
Renee Chambers +27836568880 2 i have just completed my stewardess course that included competent crew, i want to go back to do a yacht master but till then id love to get some hands on experience, i am a fast learner and always willing to go the extra mil ,i have done 5 days on board, 102.4nm and 15nm night sailing i am available to start immediately. 2/20/2018
Joshua Shaw 858-752-3191 3 I am looking to join the yacht club and am interested in crewing for an upcoming beercan race on Fridays. I have owned several boats and grew up sailing in new England in Newport and Nantucket. I have adult sailing experience in San Diego and have owned 2 sailboats in that area. I also have a girlfriend who is new to sailing but has a passion for it for sure.please lete know if we can help it sometime. Cheers and mhahalo 2/20/2018
S.R. Dennis 610-952-3564 3 New to Oahu and looking to crew! Sailed a few seasons in Newport on a variety of boats. If you're in need of ballast who can trim and work the fore-deck, let me know. Cheers! 2/19/2018
Daryl Brogden +61404432355 3 Have sailed around east coast of Australia including races in the Whitsundays/Hamilton Is . Cats and 38” Bravia.My wife and I are looking to help crew on these”beer can” Friday night races . Late July early August 2018. (We only on island for 2weeks) Happy to bring rum for the skipper. 2/11/2018
Rick Conway 650-743-0346 3 "When a great adventure is launched with a powerful thrust, fatigue in the muscles and doubts in the mind are swept away by a fullness that moves life along like a breath from the depths of the soul." -Bernard Moitessier 31 this year. In hawaii for a while. Lake Tahoe local. Learner of great knowlege and embarker of quests. Lets test calypsos rage ah? Call me right away. Time races with the wind. -rick 2/9/2018
Jim Forni 707-953-3670 4 Hi there. I’m in town for a couple days visiting kids at UH (both on sailing team). I own and race a C&C 121. 30 years experience. Asymmetrical and. Symmetrical comfortable. Bouy and ocean experience. I would love to contribute any way I could. Even just be some rail meat for you. 2/9/2018
Rita Osborn 808-282-8839 3 We are former Hawaii residents. We are here on vacation from Kingston, WA. We belong to the Kingston Cove Yacht Club in Kingston, Washington, and run a learn to sail program for kids in Kingston. We are planning to be down at the Waikiki Yacht Club this Friday, and would love to crew on a boat in the beer can race. See you Friday! 2/7/2018
Andrew Clark +61 418331083 4 On Holidays from Melbourne Australia, looking to crew on the Friday night race on Feb, 9th. Skipper my own 10m racing Keel boat, been sailing 40 years 2/4/2018
Meghan Hunt 808-358-3141 3 Aloha! looking for experience on the water as aim trying to get my captains license. I have worked as a safety diver and deckhand for Island water sports, bobs Hawaii adventure, and Hawaii waterspouts center (also PADI CPR certified). Pretty much grew up in the ocean and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to continue working with her :) My schedule is completely open right now and I am ready to work wherever help is needed. 2/4/2018
Joshua Shaw 503-572-7494 3 Just moved to Oahu and looking to get on the water and gain more experience as I am en route to getting my captains license. I have already passed my USCG Masters and Sailing endorsement and need to take the OUPV In march. Upon completion I expect to receive my maters captains near coastal 25 ton license and would love to get hours on a bigger boat so I can expand to a 50 ton and pursue being a captain on a charter boat. 1/23/2018
Jeremy Nickle 808-369-4095 3 Own a beneteau 50' and I love to sail as crew on other boats... I also am looking for experienced boaters to go inter island. 1/18/2018
Eric King 405-474-2595 3 I have crewed the past 3 racing seasons on Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City on a J/24. Positions I am proficient in include: grinder, mast man, fore deck. In 2017, I crewed aboard the J/24 Heavy Fuel in the North American Championship at the Houston Yatch Club in Houston, TX and at the Hobie 33 North Americans on Traverse Bay in Traverse City, MI. I also hold ASA certifications 101, 103, 105. 1/17/2018
Jeff Corwin 434-825-4306 4 Available in Honolulu just through 1/21/18. Own and sail a Tartan 4100 on the Chesapeake, a Cape Cod knockabout in Woods Hole, and had a Jeanneau 409 in the BVI until Irma got her in September. Was a UH Manoa professor and owned and regularly sailed a Ranger 26 in the Ala Wai for years in the 1980’s. 66 y.o., fit, male. 1/15/2018
Giacomo Aliboni 207-632-1832 2 Italian young man, can speak fluent Italian and English and know some German and Spanish. some experience sailing in the mediterranean. I've been racing both in Italy and in the US where I lived for about one year. looking for sailing experiences not a job. available over major holidays or February 2018 and august 2018. please contact me by email 1/15/2018
Derick Zepsa 828-263-3164 2 I've have read Us sailing start sailing right and asa small keelboat text. I have done 100s of hours researching sailing. Appalachian State University graduate looking to spend the next years of my life exploring by way of sailing. 1/12/2018
Margaret Sazani 805-508-6562 2 Vacationing in Honolulu till 16 January and hoping to sign on to a day cruise as crew member. Taken ASA 101 class in Santa Barbara and can handle 22’ capris as captain - have experience as crew member on 36’ and 40’ sloops. 1/10/2018
Jeremy Dawson 760-710-1846 2 I go by Tree. Im from san diego. seeking adventure and tasking challenges. hope to gain experience to maybe one day have my own boat. Have sailed with my grandpa from kaneohe yacht club and have always been in love with the ocean. Much love :) 1/3/2018
Thomas Keith Mangum 808-358-8274 3 2 1/2/2018
Scott Keefer 480-313-6273 2 Army helicopter pilot stationed on Oahu. I have minimal sailing experience from OCC School of Sailing classes in Newport, and a couple trips on my uncle’s Cal 40 that he races in the Transpac. Looking to learn and contribute on a crew, generally only available on weekends. 1/1/2018
Roy Howard 603-738-1429 2 Retiring to Kakaako. Willing to crew for the thrill of the sail. Experience is 27' sport fisherman as a kid & living on a lake in NH.Know enough to know I need to follow the Captain's direction. Been sailing w/Gaelyn, Sail Blue Hawaii. I took the helm, fell in love. Engine off, wind in the sails. I'm excited to find a Captain that is looking for a motivated crew member willing to learn for the love of the sport. In town until 1/15/18 back permanently 2/12/18. My schedule is flexible. 1/1/2018
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