Support Boats

Sailboat racers are much obliged to the Waikiki Yacht Club’s race committee members, who in addition to offering their time, also drive power boats to set marks and standby to officiate the races. The club owns some small power boats that it uses as committee boats, but there is always a need for other vessels during major regattas. For more information, refer to the Sailing pages.

Power boaters can also support the world-class Transpac Yacht Race. The Waikiki Yacht Club shares rotating duty with the Hawaii Yacht Club and Kaneohe Yacht Club to host the sailors arriving from California. Power boats are needed round the clock to take judges out to selected vessels for onboard safety inspections, as well as to greet each incoming vessel and guide her to the club.

The Waikiki Yacht Club Paddling Team needs escort boats to accompany the outrigger canoe paddling teams across long distances and to accommodate the paddling crew changes during the race. Distance canoe races are held annually from August to early October. Interested boaters may want to refer to the WYC Paddling pages.

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