Practice Sessions and Equipment

Q: Do I need any special clothing to paddle? If so, what kind and how much does it cost?

A: We typically wear team jerseys to race. Jerseys are custom ordered each year. They usually run about $30 per person. Neoprene paddling shorts are also recommended for your comfort and safety. These shorts can be purchased through local retailers such as Island Paddler and Excel and run just under $50… and are well worth the expense.


Q: How much does an outrigger paddle cost?

A: Regular Paddle/s: $150 - $350. This varies, of course, on the number and kind of paddle you buy. The goal for each paddler should be to own their own paddle.


Q: What should I bring to practice?

A: A lot depends on your individual preferences, however, there are some basics you should think about:

  • PADDLE: Of course, you need your paddle. This assumes that your commitment to the sport is such that you have purchased your own "blade."
  • DRINK: Many paddlers like to bring a small bottle of water or sports drink to carry with them in the boat.
  • HEADBAND: Bring a headband, hairband, or hat of some sort to keep your hair out of your face. It also gives you that 80s look and plays mind games with the opposing teams.
  • A DRY T-SHIRT: It's up to you, but having a dry towel and a T-shirt or sweatshirt to put on after practice will be more comfortable for you. As a member of WYC, you are able to use our locker room facilities for an after paddle shower.
  • SUNSCREEN: You really do need to protect yourself from the sun—especially on race day at the beach and any daytime practices. Don't worry about it during weekday evening practices.
  • NEOPRENE: You'll see a lot of paddlers wearing neoprene (wet suit material) shorts. Neoprene is popular with paddlers because it cushions the hard seats of the canoe and minimizes chafing.

Q: Does the Paddling Program do fundraisers?

A: Yes, we have one major fundraiser each year, our Pa’ina, which is held at the club the end of July. Paddlers are responsible for planning and executing this large well-known event which is attended by over 600 guests annually.

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