Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling at WYC:


As the premier yacht club in the Pacific, WYC embraces the maritime spirit expressed by six-person outrigger canoe racing, a continuation of the traditional coastal fishing wa’a of Hawaii. Outrigger canoe racing is enjoyed in numerous communities across the globe – from Hawaii to the West Coast, Polynesia through Australia, Hong Kong to Japan, Brazil through the East Coast, and Europe. Here are some of the benefits our members enjoy while paddling at WYC:
Challenging practices for all ages
The ability to compete in ironman, regatta, and long-distance races on O’ahu, Hawaii, and elsewhere
A chance to meet fellow mariners and enjoy the official state sport of Hawaii
Opportunities to participate in sailing activities, to include classes, youth sailing, Hawaiian canoe sailing, and races
Participation in Hawaiian maritime culture
Use of WYC OC1 and OC2s to paddle around Waikiki
Excellent facilities at WYC: hot showers, restaurant, bar, pool
Space to store OC1 and stand up paddle (SUP) boards
WYC family and social events
Please contact the Front Office at (808) 955-4405 and let them know you’re interested in paddling with WYC. Look forward to seeing you on the water!


Waikiki Yacht Club   •   1599 Ala Moana Blvd   •   Honolulu, HI 96814