"We signed our daughters up for WYC Watermans Camp in the spring. Little did we know how much they would enjoy the camp and that soon we would have a new ohana. Our daughters loved the camp so much they asked us to sign them up for the entire month of June. We saw our oldest daughter, Kela, blossom under Coach Shelley. Kela is now an assistant coach and on the team heading to Nationals in Atlanta. Both girls found a new passion, and a new group of friends. Coach Shelley is one of those rare people who can give a smile and a hug, and yet still be a dynamic leader that inspires her students to do their best. We have also been so impressed with all the kids involved. This is a group of kids who love what they are doing, are inspiring to each other, friendly and respectful to adults, and spend their time working toward a unified goal. We love the range of ages and how the older kids work so well with the younger. The water crafts are all in great shape and spending time at the Waikiki Yacht Club is always enjoyable."
Ana M.
"Of course we are impressed by and grateful for our daughter's improved water skills - Coach Shelley combines her Olympic experience with a unique understanding of the way children learn to provide a positive, enjoyable, and effective sports development program. What keeps us coming back to WYC Waterman's again and again, though, are the people. Coach Shelley is herself an inspiration, and the young people she carefully selects as coaches and coaches-in-training are amazing role models for our pre-teen. We feel very, very fortunate to be a WYC family!"
Leslie T.
"Kayaking has opened up a whole other world for me. The training I underwent in preparation for nationals taught me not only about how to become a champion athlete, but also a champion person. I learned about compartmentalization and when to turn my race mode on and off, how to paddle as an individual within a team, and exactly what being motivated means.

Because of nationals I have been able to assess my progress and take the necessary steps to improve. And because of nationals I have accomplished more than I initially thought I could, which will definitely aid me on my path to college. This past nationals was probably the most fun I had racing. Of course there were the ups and downs with each race, but overall I felt that I had put it all out there and did my best to savor the moment. I’m grateful to those who have so graciously allowed me this experience of a lifetime, and am thankful for each person that saw potential in me and went with it."
Kaiolu D.

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