Docks, Water Assets and the WYC Shuttle

Waikiki Yacht Club is a full service club that offers Regular Members the opportunity for a mooring assignment within the club.  We also have limited space in our dry storage and haul out yard for members' vessels. 

Non-member vessels are welcomed on a temporary space-available basis.  Please contact the Port Captain for information regarding the availability of space for your visit.  When space is available, we welcome yachts from the state of Hawaii to visit for the weekend and enjoy a little bit of Waikiki.

Members are allowed the use of certain club vessels once they are appropriately trained and then pass a "check out" process with members of our Water Assets Committee.  Members can enjoy the use of any of our OC-1 single person outrigger canoes, our Cal 20 sailboats or the use of one of our power boats or our Waikiki Yacht Club Shuttle pontoon boat.  

The rules for the use of club assets are as follows:

WYC-Policy-for-Private-Use-of-Club-Water-Assets REV3-2
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