Joining WYC

Members enjoying the day at WYCMembership at the Waikiki Yacht Club provides access to a family-oriented, leisure environment, situated at the water’s edge of the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, with a spectacular view of the famous Waikiki skyline. Members of all ages enjoy the club’s superb amenities—clubhouse lounges, bar and dining facilities, modern docks and dry storage area, swimming pool and showers, boating and paddling programs, and a variety of social activities.

Waikiki Yacht Club membership is available in several categories, including regular, associate, junior, and non-resident. Details are available at the Membership Categories page. And because the Waikiki Yacht Club shares reciprocity privileges with other yacht clubs around the world, a Waikiki Yacht Club membership also serves as a membership in the larger yachting community worldwide. As our club is geographically located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we have a dynamic and diverse membership that includes many international members.

Waikiki Yacht Club members are welcome to entertain guests at the club; each guest may enjoy the facilities up to 14 times a calendar year. Beyond that, guests are invited to take advantage of one of the club’s affordable membership programs. There is no limit to the number of guests a member may entertain at the club each year, and there is no fee required for guests. However, their host members must accompany the guests.

The club has the capacity to host functions for up to 250 guests. Separate sections of the clubhouse may be reserved for private parties, and catering service is available.

Membership Application Procedure:

Application forms can be obtained at the club’s front desk or from the website (members only).

In order to complete the form, it must be signed by two sponsors, who are regular members.

The member who signs as the first sponsor will be responsible for the application process.

The initiation fee must be paid in full upon turning in the completed membership application.

The application must be approved and signed by two members of the Board of Directors or a member of the Board of Directors and a standing committee chairperson.

The applicant’s name will be posted to the general membership for 30 days. The Membership Committee will complete the appropriate screening and schedule an interview with the Membership Committee. This process will take approximately 30-60 days.

If you're already a member, you can download the current WYC Membership Application below:
               Click here for the Membership Application form.

Waikiki Yacht Club   •   1599 Ala Moana Blvd   •   Honolulu, HI 96814