Committees and Chairpersons

As the Waikiki Yacht Club is a volunteer-led organization, club members are welcome to help manage events and attend the start of any committee meeting.

Contact the appropriate committee chair through the club’s office at (808) 955-4405.

Standing Committees

Activities Margo Siler
Communications Clayton-Hoyt Uyehara
Mariam Beard
Finance Bill Arnemann
House & Grounds Guillermo (Willy) Geldermann
Long Range Planning Dick Porter
Membership Jerri Burns
Mooring/Port Captain Chris Harmes
Nominating TBD
Operating Ian Scott
Paddling Carrie Clarke
Derek Clarke
Regatta Sean Doyle

Special Committees

8 Bells Michael Roth
Adult Sailing/Cal 20 Rick Griffin
Ala Wai Clean-Up Naomi Wasano
Ala Wai/Ala Moana Oversight S/C Stanley L. Thornton
Buchanan Trophy S/C Michael Roth
Burgee Collection Bill Wilmot
Change of Watch S/C Stanley L. Thornton
Commodore's Ball TBD
Election TBD
Fishing/Cruising Ron Gridley
Floral Arrangements Bobbie Slater
Food & Beverage Fran Hartmann
Insurance Steven Thomas
IT & Telecommunications Clayton-Hoyt Uyehara
Judge Advocate Jim Stubenberg
Junior Fishing Alec Freeman
Navigator eNewsLetter Mariam Beard
Opening Day Pete Gaskell
Photographer Miles Anderson
Plywood Cup S/C Lyle Holden
Protest S/C Michael Roth
Publicity/PR Janet Crawford
Record Archives S/C Stanley L. Thornton
Rubber Ducky Race S/C Lyle Holden
Rules S/C Mark Hazlett
Rules, Regulations & Grievance IPC Mike Kelly
Shuttle Tony Bruce
TRANSPAC Liaison Scott Bradley
Trophy Archives S/C Michael Roth
Water Assets Jeffrey Hossellman
Waterman's Program Shawn Kelley
Waterways Program TBD
Website Clayton-Hoyt Uyehara
Windward Beat Editor Janet Crawford
Youth Sailing Connie Smales


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