WYC honors the long-standing tradition of installing its officers and directors at an annual Change of Watch ceremony. Yacht clubs are organized like any other club or organization with officers and directors comprising the Board of Directors, and with committees and chairpersons. Due to the connection with the sea, and hence the Navy, some posts use naval terminology. For example, the chairman/CEO is the Commodore.

The WYC Bylaws provide that four officers are flag officers:  Commodore, Vice Commodore and two Rear Commodore officers – one for sail and one for power. Each has his or her own flag which represents the officer’s rank. Out of respect, past commodores also have a flag, but are not flag officers. These flags, which are generally recognized in yacht clubs around the country, are passed from the retiring officer to the incoming officer of each rank at the Change of Watch (again, following naval tradition).

S/C Stan Thornton

Board of Directors


Top Row: Stan Thornton, Victor Redding, Steve Porretta, Gini Enos, Ian Scott
Bottom Row: Alec Freeman, Michael Kelly, Hideki Hayashi, Gary Evoniuk, Todd Rasmussen,(absent)

2019 WYC Board of Directors

Commodore • Michael Kelly


Vice Commodore •  Hideki Hayashi

RC Sail • Gary Evoniuk


RC Power • Alec Freeman


              Treasurer • Ian Scott                 
         Secretary • Gini Enos           
             Director • Steve Porretta          
            Director • Stan Thornton         
          Director • Victor Redding       

Immediate Past Commodore • Todd Rasmussen

Top Row: Stan Thornton, Steve Porretta, Peter Rossi, Gini Enos, Gordon Riddick
Bottom Row: Hideki Hayashi, Michael Kelly, Todd Rasmussen, Cole Slater, Lyle Holden

2018 WYC Board of Directors

Commodore • Todd Rasmussen
Vice Commodore • Michael Kelly
RC Sail • Hideki Hayashi
RC Power • Cole Slater
Treasurer • Gordon Riddick
Secretary • Gini Enos
Director • Steve Porretta
Director • Stan Thornton
Director • Peter Rossi

Immediate Past Commodore • Lyle Holden

2017 WYC Board of Directors
2016 WYC Board of Directors

2015 WYC Board of Directors

2014 WYC Board of Directors

2013 WYC Board of Directors
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