Committees and Chairpersons

As the Waikiki Yacht Club is a volunteer-led organization, club members are welcome to help manage events and attend the start of any committee meeting.

Contact the appropriate committee chair through the club’s office at (808) 955-4405.

Committee Chairperson
8 Bells Michael Roth
Activities Ben Merritt
Adult Sailing TBD
Archives TBD
Burgee Penny & Gordon Riddick
CAL 20 Dana Alden
Change of Watch Stan Thornton
Communications Peter Rossi
Election Ed Irvine
Facilities Improvement TBD
Finance Cindy Wyrick
Flowers Lorraine Stringfellow
Food & Beverage Cappy Sheeley
House & Grounds David Kelley
Watermans Programs Shawn Kelly
Insurance Steve Thomas
Lease Negotiations Doug Taylor
Long Range Planning John Patterson
Membership Chris Clothier
Navigator eNewsletter Kathe Foster
Paddling Mike Rothwell
Port Captain Peter Gaskell
Protocol & Welcome TBD
Protest Michael Roth
Publicity/PR TBD
Regatta & Race Committee Todd Wyrick
Regular Member to OPS TBD
Rules Mark Hazlett
Shuttle Lennie Cantor
Trophy Archives Michael Roth
Water Assets Jeff Hossleman
Waterman's Program Shawn Kelly
Windward Beat - Editor Chimo Avila
Youth Sailing Connie Smales
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